SEDL Doctor 医务室医生(外科资质)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?
Develops, decides and implements appropriate Health Management guidelines for unit(s) assigned. 对公司员工的健康管理提供适当的指导和建议      
Manage the physical examination and health assessment of employees.                      管理员工体检,并给出健康评估结果     
Health station budgets/expenditures and other resources, and decides and monitors its allocation, within given limits. 医务室预算的计划和控制      
Provides support to Occupational Health and routine medical treatment for employees 为员工提供日常诊疗服务和职业健康方面的支持      
Provides emergency treatment, first aid, and medical condition assessment. 评估、处置突发医疗事件,给予受伤人员急救处理      
Participates in the occupational health dossiers' management                                                         参与职业健康档案的管理       
Participates in reporting, monitoring and decision of work-related injuries.                                             参与工伤事件的报告和早期跟踪      
Complete other tasks assigned by superior.
Continuous improvements take place under the lean principles within own responsibility. Well understand and strictly follow up the requirements of national laws and SEDL QMS documents so as to ensure the quality of product, service and process qualified and continuously improved.
"Strictly comply with and implement the responsibility and obligation in signed <SEDL EHS Commitment Letter>. Ensure to comply with national, local EHS laws and regulations, Siemens and SEDL EHS requirements.
严格遵守并履行员工本人签署的《环境、健康、安全管理责任书》中承诺的各项责任和义务。 确保遵守国家、地方政府、西门子以及SEDL的EHS法律法规和相关要求
What do I need to qualify for this job?
Bachelor degree, major in Medical or related education
CET-4 or above
Good presentation and team work skill
Be able to communicate with foreign colleagues

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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