SEDL WG Quality Manager in Project (Qmip) 西门子电气传动 风电事业部 项目质量经理(天津)

Job Description


The mission of the QMiP is to act as an expert and support the Project Manager as partner by planning, supervising, ensuring and reporting of appropriate activities with regards to failure prevention and effective proceedings (pro-active and re-active). The QMiP acts as a catalyst for continuous improvement over all PM@Siemens project phases. Of particular importance is the authority to intervene at any stage in the project, in case of non-conformance in proceedings and project results.

What are my responsibilities?

1.            Quality Management System and qualification:

Ensure identifying specific QM system requirements in new project and driving QMS setup/improvement.

Ensure the appropriate qualification of new subassemblies /components.




2.            Quality planning:

Establish and monitor quality plan e.g. acc. ISO 10005 / 10006, define quality targets based project critical factors and define methods/tools based on HQ standards.



3.            Quality reporting:

Report quality status, quality incidents and root-cause-analysis to Project Management (PM), BU and/or regional QM and other defined parties, jointly with the PM team, based on determined KPIs, key figures and specified characteristics. Communicate quality targets to all people affected or involved.



4.            Customer integration:

Establish and ensure processes to a) analyze and monitor fulfillment of contractual and committed requirements b) management of professional feedback to and from the customer, c) manage complaints.


建立并确保一个流程以 a)分析并监控合同及承诺要求的实施情况; b)对与客户间的沟通反馈进行管理; c)管理抱怨

5.            Quality in processes and projects:

Ensure execution of quality plan and quality gate process through active involvement in readiness checks and participation in quality gate meetings. Reject releases e.g. at quality gates in case of non-conformity and initiate corrective actions.



6.            Continuous improvement:

Plan, initiate and coordinate continuous improvement actions for all phases of the project. Ensure good practice sharing and feedback of experience e.g. through continuous improvement workshops (esp. lessons learned) and project assessments.


在项目的所有阶段策划、发起及协调持续改进活动,以确保优秀事例分享及经验反馈。如:可通过持续改进workshop(尤其是lessons learn)及项目评估来实施。

7.            Quality-based supplier management:

Plan and ensure the required quality level of the project-specific supply chain (internal & external) with the focus on specifications and interface definitions. This includes the application of supplier-related procedures, such as selection, qualification, development, integration, supervision and auditing.



8.            Risk Management

Ensure appropriate methods were used for preventing errors and assessing risks (e.g. FMEA, risk analyses,8D reports).


确保使用适当的方法预防错误并评估风险(例如:FMEA,风险分析,8D 报告)

What do I need to qualify for this job?

1.            More than 5 years in quality management, experience in project management; experience in audit / 至少5年的质量管理经验;项目管理经验;审核经验。

2.            Major in Electrical/Mechanic Engineering/ Bachelor or above / 电气/机械工程专业,本科以上学历

3.            Good English communication skills both written and verbal / 良好的英语(口语书面)交流能力

4.            Effective communication skill and good teamwork spirit / 有效的沟通和良好的团队合作能力

5.            Knowledge about products and manufacture process/ 产品及生产流程相关知识              

6.            System knowledge (QMS, VDA 6.3 etc.) / 体系知识(质量管理体系,VDA6.3 等)              

7.            Quality methods and tools / 质量方法及工具                                                 

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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