Senior Business Development Consultant, Digitalization

Job Description

Market Needs and Mission:
Chinese industry enterprises are facing more challenging dynamic market environment and need to quickly respond to more customized product demand. Thus, the digitalization transformation is becoming more important for production enterprises to build up the competitiveness and win leading position now and in the future. 
As a result, DI (Siemens Digital Industry Division) plays an important role to support industry customer to successfully realize the digital transformation by providing a comprehensive digital portfolio and services applying the digital twin and end to end value chain integration concept. During this procedure, consultative business development and selling roles are needed to identify the potential customer need, analyze the customer pain points and coordinate DI internal resources to meet customer demand and finally to support the successful digital transformation journey.
Work Platform:
Siemens is the leading company in digitalization transformation offering. DI (Siemens Digital Industry Division) sets digital enterprise as core approach in Vision 2020+ plan. 
DI - Digital Enterprise Orchestrator/BD Team has been setup globally and in China to support further develop comprehensive types of digital business in China and jointly work with sales, digital product promotion and service teams to provide market a highly satisfactory value added services. 
Meanwhile, work with Digital Experience Center Team to design and develop innovation business model for demonstration Siemens DE value proposition to market. This position is the coordination and business development function of DI complete digital portfolio in China. 

What are my responsibilities?
Understand Siemens Digital Enterprise Strategies and Action Plans and execute them in China to drive KPI performance.
Be an expert to understand the Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing Market and its development trend, understand the competition pattern in industry market.
Making strategic communication with customers’ top management for digitalization concept and digital transformation topic, identify the potential digital business opportunity and organize resources to make assessment at the same time work with sales and internal resources to make a business case with a concrete pursuit plan and acquire the digitalization business.
Create the articulated Siemens DI DE thought leadership in government organization, market and media channel.
Drive and support to setup the new business model based on digital experience center operation.
Support to transfer DE knowledge and experiences within the organization.
Maintain a network of DE partner and potential partner across the industry externally and internally incl Gov Institution, thinktank, industry digital partner for execution; build up the necessary strategic cooperation.

What do I need to qualify for this job?
5+ years working experience in manufacturing industries, with experience and knowledge in plant operation, be familiar with PLM, MES related is preferred.
Understand Siemens Digital Enterprise/Manufacturing Strategies and Action Plans and execute them.
Understand the Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing Market and its development.
Promote the Siemens Digital Enterprise/Manufacturing Roadmap internally and externally.
The primary and majority function of this job is to manage a team.  
Provides direction to senior managers in various areas, groups, and/or operations. 
Distribute standardized DE configuration blueprints for the market of China.
Fluent English and Mandarin communication with customer and headquarter.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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