SSMR MR市场经理 / Marketing Manager

Job Description

Your mission and responsibilities:

1. Customer focus:
  •  Gathers information to learn about the customer in an ad hoc manner
  •  Explores customer’s needs to better satisfy the customer
  •  Has solid understanding about how internal or external customers use their products and services
  •  Listens to the customer’s feedback informally and acts on it 
2. Driving for results:
  •  Delivers as long as there are no major obstacles, adheres to rules and procedures
  •  Wants the team to deliver
  •  Makes suggestions for improvement and takes ad hoc actions
  •  Looks for opportunities to improve performance in own specific area of expertise or span of control
  •  Sees how money is made in business generally and works to contribute to the business" 
3. Driving change:
  •  Understands the need for change
  •  Changes existing plans to accommodate new information
  •  Explicitly states acceptance of change and progress
  •  Produces new ideas and approaches in relation to own role
  •  Explicitly expresses positive feelings about change" 
4. Building Networks & Partnerships
  •  Prefers working in groups, including groups with a variety of perspectives and origins
  •  Asks questions, tests assumptions and openly discusses issues, keeps commitments
  •  Readily accepts and uses expertise and input from others, without regard to source or origin
  •  Actively listens and responds to the concerns and feelings of others even when not explicitly stated
  •  Adapts communications to the specific audience
  •  Builds informal networks internally and externally and views them as part of the value creation process 
5. Entrepreneurship:
  •  Understands and states the values and guiding principles that lead his/her actions
  •  Demonstrates traits such as integrity, impartiality, honesty, fairness, and truthfulness
  •  Tries to demonstrate the values in daily activities
  •  Generally maintains emotional balance and composure
  •  Recognizes the underlying basis for regulations and rules and acts in accordance" 

Your qualifications and experiences:
1. Marketing and Communication skills, Strong interpersonal skills, coordination and driving skills 
2. Presentation skills with excellent English and Chinese 
3. Fundamental knowledge in diagnostic imaging, particularly Magnetic Resonance (MR) products, healthcare systems and radiology processes 
4. Well operation on the office-tool software (i.e.: Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.) usage 
5. Knowledge about Marketing as well as cost-benefit-analysis for active marketing measures 
6. Positive attitude, easy-going personality, flexible and open minded, self-motivated with strong sense of responsibility

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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