STGZ PT Test Engineer 试验工程师

Job Description

Establishing and committing to a long-term business direction based on an analysis of systemic information and consideration of resources, market drivers, organizational values, and emerging economic, technological, and regulatory conditions. Connecting various pieces of information, understanding interrelations and identifying problems; establishing clear decision criteria and weighing alternatives; choosing the best option for business success from multiple sources and options. Establishing an action plan for self and others to complete work efficiently and on time. Ensuring follow-through of plan; Translating strategic priorities into operational reality and concrete actions. Focusing on the customer’s perspective when setting priorities and taking action; implementing service practices that meet the customers’ and own organization’s needs; Promoting and operationalizing customer service as a value in the organization. Encouraging others to address problems and opportunities; leading the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace; Recognizing and driving and changes needed to achieve strategic objectives; Transforming organizational culture, systems, or products/services. Managing individual performance by helping others set performance goals, and system; Tracking results and evaluating performance effectiveness; Establishing systems and processes to attract, develop, engage and retain talents; Creating a work environment where people can realize their full potential. Achieving better results by assigning tasks and decision-making responsibilities to individuals or teams; Moving decision making and accountability downward through the organization to stretch individual capabilities while accomplishing the business unit’s strategic priorities.

Organization: Siemens Energy

Company: Siemens Transformer (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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