Siemens ADV D Associate Engineer - Software R&D, Suzhou助理工程师 - 软件研发

Job Description

岗位描述Job Description

? 从事智慧城市,工业自动化,工业数据分析,工业信息安全等领域的研发工作;
? 在网络接入、业务运行逻辑、人机友好交互、数据存储等方向,为工业用户提供稳定、安全、高效和可靠的专业解决方案;
? 参与产品的设计到发布全生命周期;
? 响应现有软件产品的维护和改进需求。
? 技术研究:参与项目技术研究,学会解决技术问题。
• Join in the research and development work in Smart City, Industrial Automation, Industrial Data Analysis and Industrial Cyber Security, etc.
• Provide robust, safe, efficient and reliable solutions for industrial users in network access, business operation, human interaction and data storage
• Participate in the full software development life cycle
• Software maintenance and enhancement with timely response.
• Technical research: to participate in project technology research, learn to solve the technical problems


? 本科或硕士学历,计算机科学、软件工程、电子工程或通信相关专业;
? 编程基本功扎实,可以熟练使用C/C++/JAVA/JavaScript/Python等开发语言中至少一种,并有相关的项目开发经验或成果;
? 有Git等SCM工具的使用经验;
? 了解SQL语言及编程,了解No SQL, Key-Value存储原理;
? 对算法、数据结构、建模有一定了解;
? 关注新事物、新技术,有较强的学习能力,喜欢挑战,并且个性乐观开朗,逻辑性强,善于和各种背景的人合作;
? 具备熟练的英语听说读写能力。

• BS or MS degree, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronics Engineering or Telecommunications are preferred
• Excellent programming skills. Proficiency in one or more programming languages such as C/C++/JAVA/JavaScript/Python, having real project development experience or achievements are preferred
• Experience with SCM tools such as Git
• Understand the SQL language, as well as the principle of NOSQL, Key-Value storage
• Have a good understanding in algorithm, data structures and modelling
• Follow new stuffs or technologies, passion to learn new things and enjoy challenges. Open and optimistic personality with strong logical. Be good at working with people from all backgrounds
• Excellent communication skills in English, both in written and oral

优先条件 Priority Condition

? 了解或对Spring、Struts、iBATS、Angular等开发框架有经验;
? 了解或对网络管理有经验;
? 了解或对敏捷开发流程有经验;
? 了解I2C,UART和其他常用硬件接口的应用开发,或有RTOS平台开发经验,例如FreeRTOS和VXworks;
? 了解和熟悉Cuda、OpenCL者优先;
? 有大规模服务端软件的设计和实现经验,了解负载均衡技术,系统容灾设计,高可用系统等知识;
? 熟悉Linux开发和部署;
? 有相关大型分布式系统开发及大数据应用开发经验者优先,如: Hadoop, Spark, Kafka等;熟悉DFS, MapReduce 和其他大数据处理技术者优先;
? 熟悉时间序列数据库,Redis,MongoDB等非关系型数据库,内存数据库者优先。
? 拥有自己的Github仓库者优先

• Knowledge and experience of major development frameworks, such as Spring, Struts, iBATS, Angular, etc.
• Knowledge and experience of Network Management
• Knowledge and experience of agile development process
• Solid knowledge on the I2C, UART and other hardware interfaces, or familiar with RTOS, such as FreeRTOS and vxworks
• Knowledge and experience of Cuda and OpenCL
• Experience on large scale server side software design and implementation, understand load balance techniques, system disaster tolerance design and high availability systems
• Experience of working in Linux, including development and deployment
• Experience in large distributed systems and typical large data application framework, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc.; familiar with DFS, MapReduce and other large data processing technology, or
• Familiar with time-series database, Redis, MongoDB and other non-relational database, memory database
• Having your own Github repository is preferred

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Organization: Advanta

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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