IT部门实习生_AI/数据分析/数字化工厂方向 (成都)

Job Description

What this job could provide to you?

This internship has opportunities to work with the professional IT experts at Siemens Industrial Automation Products Ltd., Chengdu(西门子工业自动化产品成都分公司)for project/solutions implementation on AI/Data Analytics/Digital factory developing solutions either from Headquarter or local.

What are my responsibilities?

  1. Using deep AI/Data analytics area knowledge to do related project in digital factory
  2. Implementation of demands in the form of IT projects or change requests and checks the technical practicality of demands/design specifications.
  3. Develop solution concepts. Create requirement specifications. Fine-tune the project. Prepare
  4. Project agreement. Create detailed specification.
  5. Create test plan.
  6. Development work based on IT architecture stipulations. Conduct test according to test plan. Release solution for use. Support user training and maintain specified training documentation to match the local needs. Start operating solution.
  7. Plan and implement changes and releases. Handle complex incidents and problems and provide first level support.
  8. Communicate with core MES/SAP/PLM solution team in headquarter in terms of problems and solution. Ensure IT Support with defined service level agreement.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  1. Familiar with basic IT technology (C/C++, Windows/Linux basic knowledge etc.), better have AI or Data analytics area knowledge (Python, tensorflow etc.)
  2. Bachelor or above with Engineering majors and will be graduated in 2022.
  3. It is expected that the working duration could last around 6 months when you are available and t at least 2-3 days per week is acceptable.
  4. Good logic thinking and mathematic background.
  5. Management experience in student union will be a plus.
  6. Good verbal and written English.


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industrial Automation Products Ltd., Chengdu

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Part-time

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