西门子数字化工业 运动控制产品 食品饮料行业 业务拓展经理 Business Development Manager(Beijing/Shanghai)

Job Description

DI MC Business Development Manager

西门子数字化工业 运动控制产品 食品饮料行业 业务拓展经理



For system developing in MC F&B business, we are looking for Business development Manager focused on F&B branch. The main responsibility is to develop strategic and midterm business strategies, structures and processes, focusing options to exploit best market opportunities. Technically support external customers regarding the newest trends in F&B branch focused on MC product scope. This includes presales support, preparation and execution of technical workshops, consulting of customer projects and a daily price quotation about how to improve the usage of our products.




What are my responsibilities?


  • System define market transparency to develop business opportunity of the MC products in F&B branch.

  • Develop strategic and midterm business strategies and review with HQ colleagues.

  • Onsite customer visits to support sales regarding technical topics

  • Support customer for drive system configuration and price quote to sales.

  • Prepare and execute technical workshops to share the latest knowledge to external customers

  • 系统化通过市场透明度拓展运动控制部门产品在食品饮料行业的业务机会。

  • 制定短期中期的业务发展计划并定期与总部同事回顾。

  • 现场客户拜访以提供咨询及技术支持服务。

  • 支持客户传动系统的配置及给销售报价。

  • 准备和执行技术研讨会,以便把最新的知识传递给外部客户。



    What do I need to qualify for this job?


  • You have drive system knowledge and experience, experiences on F&B manufacturing machines is a plus.

  • You have the ability for structured & analytic approach to analyze F&B market.

  • You are highly motivated to work in a global team, learn from others and share your own knowledge

  • You have Bachelor degree or above

  • Your presentation skills are reasonable

  • We prefer English abilities

  • You are willing to travel

  • 具备丰富的变频器系统知识,具备食品饮料行业经验的优先。

  • 具备良好的结构化思维及分析能力,以应对食品饮料行业分析。

  • 具备团队精神,需要与本地及国际团队合作,相互学习及分享信息与知识。

  • 自动化、电气、机电一体化及相关专业,本科及以上学历。

  • 英语能力佳的优先。

  • 能够适应频繁的国内出差。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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