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Siemens Mobility is a separately managed company of Siemens. As a leader in transport solutions for more than 160 years, Siemens Mobility is constantly innovating its portfolio in its core areas of rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, turnkey systems, intelligent traffic systems as well as related services. With digitalization, Siemens Mobility is enabling mobility operators worldwide to make infrastructure intelligent, increase value sustainably over the entire lifecycle, enhance passenger experience and guarantee availability. In fiscal year 2019, which ended on September 30, 2019, the former Siemens Mobility Division posted revenue of €8.9 billion and had around 36,800 employees worldwide.

We are looking for an International Senior Project Manager located in Sydney 

The International Project Manager is the responsible for executing the project in compliance with the
given requirements.
Have the objective to ensure project success, customer satisfaction and professional stakeholder
Area of Responsibilities
• Acquisition and contract negotiation
• Project organization and management
• Project controlling and project reporting
• Contract management incl. claim management
• Stakeholder management
• Opportunity and risk management
• Organization and management of project team
• Communication and knowledge management
• Compliance within the Project
• HR Management
Main Tasks
Acquisition and order negotiation
• Participation in the sales / project initiation phase, by analyzing customer requirements and
checking their technical feasibility and transferability into a bid or project cost plan
• Carry out or attend contract negotiations
• Ensure the use of Siemens products, where available and applicable
• Ensure compliance with the corresponding LoA process, where applicable
• Check the project costing for financial efficiency
• Involve the corresponding partners in the sales / project initiation phase
Project organization and management
• Ensure that the order entry calculation is done and documented
• Ensure that all plan elements (e.g. system structure, WBS, etc.) are taken into account in the
sales / project initiation phase
• Handle all PM@Siemens-related plan elements and milestone results according to the project
• Prepare and maintain the Siemens project management plan
• Manage the project within the defined financial targets (budget, target costing, target profit)
• Prepare the project manager target agreement
• Optimize project profitability and ensuring business success
• Implement procedures to resolve questions and problems (identification, analysis, measures
and monitoring) with all relevant internal and external partners
• Involve Procurement at an early stage in line with the applicable Siemens procurement
• Plan the procurement strategy (in local Procurement entity) with the business manager and
procurement department of the respective organizational units
• Ensure that all procurement activities comply with the applicable processes and regulations
• Select subcontractors / partners
• Select and involve subcontractors / partners in accordance with the defined criteria
Monitor the performance of subcontractors / partners, escalate issues in good time (e.g. quality
defects or problems in cooperation) and initiate appropriate measures in good time in the event
of any non-conformities
• Initiate invoicing in accordance with project progress
• Organize acceptance testing and project handover to contracted partner(s)
• Define procedures and requirements for quality management (audits, quality seals, acceptance
tests) in accordance with the applicable quality management regulations and standards
• Manage regular project review meetings and organize the milestone prerequisites
• Manage the acceptance of supplies and services, subject to quality checks
• Document all work results in line with the applicable standards
Project controlling and reporting
• Optimize the project cash flow and assets
• Ensure the regular controlling of finances and regular reporting on finances
• Ensure compliance with the IFRS (International Finance and Reporting Standards)
• Continuously monitor project status, taking the IFRS into consideration, identify any nonconformities in good time and initiate specific counter measures where applicable
• Identify and minimize non-compliance costs
• Notify customers, management and the project team at an early stage in the event of any nonconformities
Contract management incl. claim management
• With international (cross-border) projects: Synchronize the contract structure with the tax
action plan and delegation concept
• Identify, drive, defend and reduce claims in good time
• Fulfill the contract and close the project in accordance with contractual and in-house regulations
• Negotiate with subcontractors / partners on the basis of defined requirements and enter into
compensation agreements according to the customer contract
• Define and agree the strategy to enforce / reduce / defend claims with stakeholders
• Involve the project team in the process of identifying changes and claims
• Evaluate contracts for claim relevance, ensure that they are checked by legal experts
• Implement the strategy to enforce / reduce claims
Stakeholder management
• Ensure efficient communication with all stakeholders
• Negotiate with stakeholders on requests for changes and incorporate them into contracts
• Elaborate and implement strategies to strengthen customer relations and market position
• Actively collect information on the customer and customer requirements / goals
• Involve the customer in decision-making and provide information to customers on a regular
Opportunity and risk management
• Identify and assess all risk factors using the available risk assessment tools throughout the
• Ensure that the results of risk surveys and compliance risk surveys are duly taken into
consideration in contracts and calculations
• Elaborate suitable strategies for minimizing (eliminating, reducing) risks
• Ensure that all risks are identified and monitored (including Compliance)
• Identify opportunities for further business with the partner(s)
• Work together with line experts to exploit opportunities
• Communicate with internal contacts across organizational borders on opportunities for further
• Identify / create additional opportunities from ongoing projects
• Ensure that risks are monitored in all project phases
• Identify, assess and implement all opportunities to improve results throughout the project
• Assess risks with respect to their impact on organizational units, define measures and ensure
escalation in good time
Organization and management of project team
• Ensure specific and comprehensive communication within the project team
• Agree on targets with project employees and delegate defined areas of responsibility and
• Facilitate and monitor effective team cooperation (e.g. via coaching)
• Hold feedback sessions with each directly assigned employee
• Actively seek feedback (e.g. from employees, managers, customers)
Communication and knowledge management
• Forward all relevant information to employees in the project team and partners
• Hold a project completion meeting and lessons learned workshop on a regular basis
• Seek and actively utilize information sources, knowledge and experience
• Analyze information, knowledge and experience and make project know-how available
• Exploit opportunities, learn from others and exchange experiences
Compliance within the project
• Comply with the Siemens Business Conduct Guidelines (e.g. provisions under tax law, employee
delegation guidelines, export control regulations, EHS (occupational health and safety and
environmental protection))
• Where necessary, involve the relevant corporate units (e.g. Compliance, Legal Services, HR,
Works Council)
HR management
• Act as coach / mentor for new project managers in accordance with requirements
• Provide input for PMP/SLF (Performance Management Process/Siemens Leadership
• Advise line managers on individual training and development of employees
• Manage your own work-life balance and support the work-life balance of project employees,
e.g. to ensure that they are healthy in mind and body
Take the initiative for own personal development and support the personal development of project
employees (e.g. PMP process)

Experience & Knowledge required
Comprehensive (deep and broad) professional know-how and experience in international railway
projects. Systematic use of know-how to solve complex problems. Demonstrates high professional
judgement competence.. Impact on results in larger organization.
• Business experience
o At least 10 years of experience in railway signaling company as a Project Manager
• Technological
o Advance technical knowledge of I/L, ERTMS, and Centralized Traffic Control systems…
and mass transit systems with different grades of automation
• International experience
o Experience in global interaction with customers/partners/providers from multiple
• Education
o Degree in Engineering or equivalent.
Soft Skills, Competences and other Requisites
• Customer Focus
• Strategic Skills
• Drive for Results
• Business Acumen
• Organizational Agility
• Proficient spoken and written English.
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
• Travel require

Siemens aboga por la igualdad de oportunidades entre mujeres y hombres, así como en la Diversidad como fuente de creatividad e innovación. Contar con diferentes tipos de talento y de experiencias nos hace ser más competitivos y estar mejor preparados para responder con éxito a las demandas de la Sociedad. Por ello, valoramos a las candidatas y a los candidatos que reflejen la Diversidad que disfrutamos en nuestra Compañía y animamos la cobertura de puestos por mujeres y hombres en ocupaciones que se encuentren subrepresentadas.

Organization: Siemens Mobility

Company: Siemens Rail Automation S.A.U.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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