SSMR ME Senior HW engineer高级硬件工程师

Job Description

Your mission and responsibilities:

1. Hardware component or PCBA development in digital and analog field for kinds of medical products like MRI, Angiographic, X-ray product etc. 运用数字和模拟电路知识, 为各种医疗产品设计部件和板卡, 例如磁共振, 血管造影, X光产品等.
2. Clarify technical details based on the rough concept made by system architecturer or discussion results with internal customers independently. 能够基于架构师制定的粗略初始方案,独立的与内部客户沟通和澄清项目需求的 各个技术细节, 制定详细的技术方案.
3. Design schematic and support PCB layout in details. 设计原理图, 支持PCB工程师画板.
4. Write design documents including: design spec, unit test spec and production test spec etc. 撰写相关设计文档,包括详细设计说明书,单元测试报告和生产测试指导说明书等.
5. Bring up the PCBA closely with software engineer independently, finish unit test, EMC test, environment test, integration test afterwards. 与软件工程师一起完成软硬件联调, 完成单元测试, EMC 测试, 环境测试以及之后的系统集成测试等.
6. Support other engineers in the team of design review and technology and innovation activities. 支持复查和评审组内其他工程师的设计,支持部门的技术建设和创新活动

Your qualifications and experiences:

1. 5 Years Hardware-Design experience, Bachelor degree of Electronics engineering related and above. 5年的硬件设计经验, 本科及以上学历
2. Experienced in Digital circuit and Analog circuit design with application processor or FPGA. ARM处理器或FPGA为核心的数字电路和模拟电路设计有丰富的经验.
3. Deep understanding of high speed signal integraty, layout rules and EMC theory. 理解高速信号完整性, layout规则和电磁兼容性相关原理.
4. Familiar with kinds of digital bus standards: I2C, UART, Ethernet, CAN etc. 各类数字总线标准, 例如 I2C, UART, Ethernet, CAN 等.
5. Basic understanding of embedded bottom layer software, support closely with software engineer indebugging and trouble shooting. 嵌入式底层软件有一定的了解, 能够与软件工程一起完成调试和问题追踪.
6. Familiar with ECAD tools for schematic and layout review. 绘制原理图和PCB的ECAD软件工具
7. Familiar with test and analysis equipment in hardware field. 熟悉硬件设计领域的相关测试和分析仪器的使用

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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