SSMR ME Senior Digitalization Engineer 高级数字化工程师

Job Description


Define the local digitalization roadmap for ME szn under the same scoope of ME Erl. 在ME Erl相同的框架下定义深圳的数字化发展道路。                                                                             

Take the full responsibility for digital factory build up. Including  IOT implement to connect SMT/AIO/ICT and PXI equipment in FY21. Camstar electronics suit, Camstar planning & scheduling implement in FY22. 全权负责深圳数字化工厂的搭建。包括21财年计划实施的物联网,实现SMT/AIU/ICT/PXI的信息数字化,22财年的Camstar electronics suit, Camstar planning & scheduling等项目。

As contact window to cooperate with Erl Strategy & Projects team to implement IT projects in ME SZN. Coordinate local resuce from suppliers, IT and cross function team to fulfill the IT projects. 作为深圳的联系窗口和德国战略项目组对接,并且具体实施深圳的IT项目。主导本地资源包括供应商,IT和各个业务部门进行IT方案的落实。

Plan IT software budget and control forecast implementation. 每年IT软件费用的预算和实际实施费用管控。

Maintain and operate complex and specific IT systems and SCM processes (circuit board printing/ component manufacturing) at Shenzhen 维护和操作深圳(中国)复杂的、特定的IT系统以及SCM流程(印刷电路板/组件制造)                                                                                

Analyze the optimization possibilities of existing applications and processes in technical and      economic areas, such as standardization, consolidation and process interfaces, etc. 在技术和经济领域内分析现有应用程序和过程的优化可能性,例如标准化,合并,流程界面等

Actively involving and even lead the projects for IT Solution in ME SZN. As part of introduction of a new application, she/he is required to document business processes, bundle requirements, and create decision templates about costs, benefits, and feasibility.积极参与甚至主导深圳的IT 方案项目; 作为新应用程序引入的一部分,记录业务流程、捆绑需求,创建有关成本、收益和可行性的决策模板                                                                                              

Interface coordination: Perform the docking function with the specialist departments, internal IT service providers and software suppliers接口协调:执行专业部门、内部IT服务供应商和软件供应商的对接功能                                                               

Provide technical advice (Hotline 1 and possibly Level 2) and support the process leader during the introduction phase of the specific application在特定应用程序的引入阶段,提供技术咨询(热线1号和可能2级)并支持流程负责人

Must have competence to develop C++,Java, have experienced knowledge of ASM Siplace software. Have experience to integrate MES (Patis, Camstar, Valor BI, SAP) software. Understand Kardex integration, able to implement integration solution for manufacturing equipment. 需要具备C++, Java二次开发能力,了解ASM Siplace 软件功能,有MES(Patis, Camstar,Valor BI, SAP) 软件集成经验。对智能仓储(Kardex)软件集成管理有一定了解。能够实施设备可视化的集成方案        


Have a bachelor or above degree in Information Science, having successful IoT, Valor BI implement working experience,  or having many years of experience in the field of application development. It is prefer has working experience in Siemens Digital factory or Mentor.拥有“信息学”专业方向的本科或以上学位,有物联网,Valor BI实施项目工作经验,或在应用程序开发领域拥有多年经验。最好具有西门子数字化工厂或Mentor的工作经历。

Have at least 5 years of experience in the current SW system environment (eg SAP/Mentor MM systems in SCM application field)在当前的SW系统环境内有至少5年以上的经验(例如SCM应用领域中的SAP/ Menter MM系统)

Have the experience to lead IT project in multinational environment.具有在国际化工作环境下的IT项目管理经历

Have the IT professional knowledge and knowledge in electronics manufacturing and development (production process and flow, preferably with personal experience)IT专业知识和电子产品生产以及开发领域的知识(生产过程和流程,最好有个人经验)

Be proficiency in training documents and document preparation熟练掌握培训文件和文件的编制

Be very good at oral and written expression in English良好的英语口语和书面表达能力

Accept a business trip abroad能接受国外出差

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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