Application Support Engineer Senior TASS

Job Description

1. Building and managing trustful relationship with customers

• Develop trustful relationships with customers through consistent communication and regular technical meetings dealing with deep-dive issues to understand customer's needs more concretely, ultimately engaging as a trusted advisor among them through establishing and maintaining effective relationships.

• Share technically verified specific cases with customers regularly and explain how the Siemens digital Industries Software can improve their business effectively.

• Build new relationships through networking within customers and other involved parties to support and promote effective use and increase in consumption of Siemens simulation products.

2. Solution Delivery

• Define issues customers are facing specifically and provide them the right solutions in time via on-site supporting visits or electronic communication such as phone or emails. To solve the issues effectively, it may happen to cooperate with Siemens global specialists intensively.

Share the updated information on the program-developing status with customers regularly.

• Assist continuous improvement efforts to enhance performance and provide increased functionalities of the Siemens simulation products to the customers. You will facilitate process improvements to customers via support activities, engineering service, or custom training.

• Carry out advanced custom training for PreScan using standard training materials.

• Communicate with customers periodically to ensure the usage of the existing solutions and to drive the expansion of Siemens simulation solutions as well. Utilize specific and verified examples fitting customer’s applications.

• Share the voice coming from customers with the simulation solution development teams consistently, finally catch and follow up on how future application development plans embed the needs and functionalities raised from customers.

3. Technical Support

• Provide solutions on basic, intermediate, and advanced support queries regarding Simcenter PreScan and other simulation products of the Siemens Digital Industries Software.

• Catch up with the product development status related to the performance of the customers’ applications. Depending on the customer’s issue, you might register and track a specific bug report in the Siemens system, delivering the solution on how to solve the bug precisely to the customers.

• Participate in activities to build specific success examples adopting a sequence of “Simcenter products” and share those success stories via seminars or training to customers as well as to the Simcenter team members.

• Build and develop PreScan expertise focusing Automotive OEM & Supplier industries. We expect you to generate verified best practices widely applicable to those industries by yourself.

• Work as an account champion for specific projects to promote an increase in the simulation products of the Siemens digital Industries Software.

4. Knowledge-Sharing, Reuse and Practice Participation

• Engage as ADAS and active safety application leader for all industries. We expect you internally and externally to be the first line of communication as a specialist in all industries.

• Work with organization members to ensure all engagement activities are well-scoped and the applied modeling approaches are also on the right way. Make the most of the organization members, including global specialists, to find the right solutions to problems.

• Take care of the ownership for the accounts assigned to you. You will carry out activities and opportunities regarding technical discussion, benchmarks, and evaluations to your customers to provide proper solutions.

• Support customer's troubleshooting actively, working with technical specialists. Depending on the issues, you might open and escalate cases at the Siemens system officially for better cooperation.

• Share experiences with the internal communities and ensure best practices developed and lessons learned are accessible to all stakeholders in the global community.

Primary Job Qualifications:   

The Simcenter Customer Support Korea organization of the Siemens Digital Industries Software puts customers at the center of the work.

The candidate for this position, therefore, must be familiar with customer-facing roles and approach people willingly. We expect a competent engineer who actively and successfully participates in ADAS and active safety simulation tasks across a wide variety of industries with the below qualifications:

• Major in Automotive, mechanical or electronic engineering with a doctoral or master's degree. 

• At least 2 years of experience including master’s degree in ADAS/Sensor simulations and/or equivalent field. 

• Technical knowledge:

- Expert in theories regarding sensor (Lidar, Camera, Radar) simulation.

- Expert in theories regarding vehicle dynamics/control and active safety including AV/ADAS.

- Excellent in using Simcenter PreScan or equivalent sensor simulation software.

- Prefer to experience of MIL, SIL, HIL applications

- Prefer to experience of Matlab/Simulink and/or C++.

-User in Simcenter HEEDs, Amesim or equivalent products of the Siemens Digital Industries Software.

• Communication skills with stakeholders and fluent in English are the basis for this position.

• The candidate must be self-disciplined, creative, and flexible.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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