Digitalization Consultant 数字化顾问(流程行业)

Job Description

Digitalization Consultant 数字化顾问


  • Digitalization Consultant is a product/system expert of digital enterprise, incl. digital portfolio as well as traditional division portfolio.
  • An expert of Digitalization and know something about operational excellence in terms of production.
  • Digitalization Consultant is also an expert in branch who listens to customers and quickly comprehend their requirement.
  • Digitalization Consultant is also a Digitalization Consultant to customer, he/she is to sit together with customer, in order to make a conceptual design for based on his big picture of digitalization and customer’s specific needs.
  • Digitalization Consultant is also a project manager, he needs not only to compile the conceptual design and co-convince the customer to buy it in, but he, as the ‘commander’, is also able to lead the project team(s) to make detailed design in terms of digital enterprise goals, technological specification, costs control and set a roadmap for project team to accomplish it.
  • A Digitalization Consultant should be able to co-conduct analysis in terms of benefit vs. costs/ investment of digital enterprises on behalf of the customers.
  • Digitalization Consultant is also able to co-manage the internal resources w/ KAM/consultative sales, in order to realize what the customer should realize on digitalization.
  • Digitalization Consultant should clearly know the application domains of digital concept, and should be able to transfer Siemens digital concept and his digital knowledge to both customer in operation and to our sales.


All in all, Digitalization Consultant and I4,0 team should be an ideal ‘pair’. A Digitalization Consultant should strategically and tactically be able to

  • Get support from I4.0 team to convince the customer CEO to invest in digital enterprise.
  • Provide/sell a conceptual design, roadmap and cost vs. benefit to customer.
  • Manage all of the resources to realize what the customer bought in (in terms of digitalization) with our portfolio, manpower and technologies.
  • Deliver excellent result of project/digitalization project to customer and after all, to Siemens.
  • Act as ‘Digital Evangelist’ and trainer to customer and internal colleagues.

Competence profile:

  • Top expert of digitalization and trend.
  • Top expert of project management.
  • Expert of specific branches/OEM.
  • Adequate knowledge of operational excellence in terms of manufacturing.
  • Adequate portfolio & application knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge of an entrepreneur (incl. strategic view, operation. EBIT, costs).
  • Basic knowledge and skills of a ‘consultative sales’.
  • Good at English and Mandarin.

  • #digital minds#

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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