LDA Quality Manager, Beijing or Shanghai

Job Description


Implements overarching LDA Quality Mission and Strategy in the LDA CN Region with focus on Product, Project- and Service Business as well as Operations with SCM and OEM partners outside LDA-factories. 
Ensures implementation of an open quality culture, for all assigned quality areas. 
Acts as quality consultant for own organization and as quality attorney for the customers.
Reports via business-line to LDA CN head, via governance-line to LDA QM.

What's my responsibilities?

Leads and coordinates dedicated Quality & EHS professionals in the LDA CN organization like
- Quality Managers in Projects ( QMiPs), 
- Service Quality Responsible and 
- Product Quality Managers (PQMs) responsible for SCM and OEM Partners. 
- Regional EHS-forces 
Collaborates with the LDA global QM- / and EHS-network, Implements the global LDA quality & EHS programs within LDA CN and monitors the local effectiveness of these programs. 

Co-operates with the relevant LDA CN business accountable units (e.g. SO, CS, CN OPS, CN Hub, R&D, Procurement, Manufacturing etc.), supporting, enabling and controlling them in order to achieve the quality business goals defined. 

Provides, develops and reviews a business- and employee-centered certified management system,
based on the Global LDA systematic, including documentation, regulations, methods and IT-tools, i.e. with high usability, lean (e.g. value stream mapping), following a risk-based approach.
Leads all ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 related activities for LDA CN business, as well as for other certifications (e.g. ISO 27001) on demand.
Plans and executes the audit program increasing transparency, 
effectiveness and efficiency of QM audits to create the expected business impact. 

Drives the development of digital solutions related to quality to continuously improve process effectiveness 
and efficiency along the customer journey. 

Supports the agile/lean transition of the whole organization and coaches team members and 
managers with respect to agile/lean thinking.

Drives quality improvement methods and improves product as well as process performance, 
acting both on issues and shortcomings (e.g. 8D, 4D) as well as preventively (e.g.  Reviews, FMEA). Initiates improvement projects using agile and lean methods. Ensures that product safety activities are in line with internal and external regulations.  

Ensures LDA-Customer Satisfaction Survey measures along the E2E customer journey. 
Manages quality specific external communication towards customers and to external authorities. 

Ensures professional non-conformance (NC) management and reporting, using the LDA platforms. 
Creates real-time transparency for ad-hoc and routine analysis, instant decision making, 
preventive action and continuous improvement. 

Ensures that managers and employees have a quality-oriented mindset by promoting role models 
and sharing best practices. Executes with HR the competence management and training system for quality related competences.

Plans and proposes quality budget, decides allocation of related resources, within given limits. 

What do I need to qualify?

Professional experience (>5 years) in quality management Experience (>7 years) in different functions and/or organizations
International/Intercultural Experience preferred 
Experience in leading teams

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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