西门子财务租赁 - 商务专员Operation Officer

Job Description

Job responsibilities

  • Act as an interface with Sales/BD, risk and finance & accounting departments and external customer to conduct contract life cycle management during whole lease term covering the following major tasks:
  1. Contract preparation, contract review and issuance to sales for customer’s signature upon receiving notification from sales administration that credit approval have been done.
  2. Apply vendor ID in case of need in Nexus
  3. Conduct review on the received contract signed by customer against contract signing checklist and sign off if everything is all right, and seek the next level signatures then exercise the company chop based on signature mandate
  4. E-archiving of the signed contract based on COF China Archiving Guideline
  5. Follow up upfront payment with customers
  6. Upon request from sales and/or vendors based on the delivery schedule (only applicable to those vendors who request this process), issue Shipment Release Letter and send to vendors
  7. Perform contract amendment in case of need
  8. Update the project status in monthly funding forecast tool in a timely and quality manner;
  9. Funding document issuance to sales for customer’s signature based on the monthly funding forecast or request from sales;
  10. Conduct the review on funding document received from sales after customer’s signature and fill out the funding checklist and cash/bank expense voucher, sign off if everything is all right and seek the next level signatures based on signature mandate
  11. Pass the signed funding documents to finance & accounting department for triggering the payout process
  12. Conduct registration for leasing assets in PBOC per request marked in credit report
  13. Keeps all collaterals, such as property certificates of trucks cars, real estates, assets original invoices (for ALB cases)
  14. Further handling contractual related issues during whole period of lease term together with internal interfaces, such as collection and finance & accounting departments
  15. Handling the lease termination including early termination, collateral and/or deposit refund if applicable
  16. Data quality control in creation of Contract, Schedule, Activation, Special Invoice and Termination module in LOS(SAP) system;
  17. Problem solving to keep high standard customer service;
  • The person who is responsible for Small Ticket business is also acting as SA and CA, the following major tasks should be also covered:
  1. Customer documents collection and pre-check, and maintain LOS as SA role, like create BP, project….etc.
  2. Rating Tool complete and submit for approval.
  3. PBOC data collection and maintain.
  4. IA process handling.
  5. Funding forecast.
  6. Reporting regarding the SMT.
  7. Follow up asset delivery till Activation, and after funding conditions monitor
  8. Closely and timely communicate with Sales/Customer/Vendor in all links
  • Prepare vendor frame contracts and conduct signing process with vendors, and then fulfill internal physical and E-archiving process based on COF China Archiving Guideline.
  • Follow up and improve internal control process continuously.
  • Perform additional tasks and ad-hoc projects as required.

Required Education/Skills/Experience

  • 2 - 3 years of professional experience in areas below,
  • Operations
  • Commercial
  • Business administration
  • Contract management
  • Customer service
  • Legal contract
  • Quick learning and open to change;
  • Background is preferred from leasing/financing business, banking, back-office operations primarily in financial instaurations (banks, financial service providers).
  • Able to apply commercial experience to balance risk and opportunity when making decisions.
  • Good analytical and communications skills.
  • Experience in multi-national companies or reputable finance/banks preferred.

Organization: Siemens Financial Services

Company: Siemens Finance and Leasing Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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