西门子 数字化工业 工业5G技术顾问

Job Description

Who are we?

Factory Automation (FA) is a business unit in Siemens digital industry group, and is a leading industry automation product and technology provider on global and China market. In recognizing the emerging technical trend worldwide, especially in China, we believe 5G technology will bring innovative change to and shape the future of industry communication. In the meantime, our rich and proven industry knowledge in the past, will significantly and continuously benefit our customers to a new era, when equipped with 5G technology. Especially in China, the increasing demands for 5G technology in industries is pioneering the world, and this makes us confident that establishing 5G expertise in our organization is strategically important, which will sustainably serve our customers interests to the best. 

Your role – Dancing with the future, performing on an unravel platform

·       You will lead 5G topic on out solid platform.

·       You will identify the concrete requirement and define the specification for 5G in China industries

·       You will advise to product management in headquarters as input for 5G implementation on industrial automation products

·       You will get close contact and instruction from counterpart in headquarters on 5G technical strategy on China market

·       You will be asked to be a insider of local 5G communication alliances, associations or consortiums.

·       You will be an active driver on China 5G market in the interests of our organiation

Your qualifications – profession and sense

·       You are expected to have 5+ years experience in communication with 4G/5G

·       You are expected to have 5+ years experience in industry automation

·       You are expected to have deep understanding of 5G technology in industry scenarios as well as possessing the capability of identifying potential 5G application opportunities in all industries.

·       You are expected to be already familiar with national/international communication standards on 4G/5G

·       You are highly expected to be connected to standardization bodies, ie., 3GPP, ACIA etc in your previous experience.

·       You should be fluent in English both in speaking and writing.

·       You must have strong personal communication capability.

#digital minds#

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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