SSMR MR 系统工程师/System Engineer

Job Description

1. Responsible of magnet system layout design in concept phase. /概念设计阶段负责磁体系统的布局设计。
2. Plan and perform magnet system layout design, and drive the creation and improvement of magnet system 3D model. /规划和设计磁体系统布局,推动磁体系统三维模型的建立和完善。
3. Version management of magnet system 3D model. /磁体系统三维模型的版本管理。
4. Digital simulation and analysis based on system 3D model, and optimization of system layout design. /基于系统模型的数字仿真与分析,实现系统布局优化。
5. Create and maintain system level drawings. /创建和维护系统级工程设计图纸。 
6. Process owner of system 3D model creation in R&D. /研发三维建模要求的流程负责人。
7. Organize trainings and learnings of modeling and simulation as tool master. /作为Tool master组织建模和仿真的培训和学习

1. 3 years experience in corrsponding mechanical design/ 3年相关机械设计经验
2. Master of mechanical 3D modeling software (Siemens NX)/ 精通机械三维设计软件西门子NX
3. Preferably in medical device industry/医疗器械行业背景优先

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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