Data Engineer

Job Description

Title: Data Engineer
What are my responsibilities?
As a Data Engineer, you are required to:
• Develop prototypes and proof of concepts using multiple data-sources, AI/ML methods and big-data technologies
• Implement / Deploy large, structured and unstructured databases based on scalable cloud infrastructures
• Port data across data-sources /DB systems in order to improve performance, scalability or to facilitate analytics.
• Develop technical solutions which combine disparate information  to create meaningful insights for business, using Big-data architectures (supportive role along with Data Architect)
• Stay curious and enthusiastic about using related technologies to solve problems and enthuse others to see the benefit in business domain
Qualification: Bachelor's or Master's in Computer Science & Engineering, or equivalent. Professional Degree in Data Science, Engineering is desirable.
Experience level:  At least 2 - 3 years hands-on experience in the area of DB; with working experience on Data Engineering, Data Analytics in atleast 2 projects.
Desired Knowledge & Experience:
• Sound knowledge in programming languages like Python, R
• Experience in data science libraries like – Sci-kit Learn, Keras.
• Experience in conventional DB technologies (RDBMS, Object Oriented)
• Experience in using query languages such as SQL
• Hands-on expertise in modern big data technologies such as SAS, Databricks, Spark and distributed databases (e.g. Teradata).
• Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, is desirable.
•      Very good Azure knowledge
        Database/Storage (Kusto, HDinsight, …)
        ARM / Automation in Azure
•    Experience in Powershell
•    Skills in Linux Shell Programming
•    Experience in data integration with ETL
Required Soft-skills & Other Capabilities:
• Great attention to detail and good analytical abilities.
• Good planning and organizational skills
• Collaborative approach to sharing ideas and finding solutions
• Ability to work independently and also in a global team environment 
Grip Level : PL 10

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Healthineers India LLP

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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