西门子财务租赁-Operations Intern商务运营实习生

Job Description


[Job Description (team Assistant)]

1. Archiving and mailing, printing and scanning documents to provide the support for operation officers.

2. Helping to file the termination contracts to the 3rd party, to help with the contracts /invoice/green book management.

3. Preliminary review and sorting documents of small ticket business.


1.      协助运营部同事对合同文件进行存放和邮寄,打印及扫描盖章。

2.      对结束的合同进行第三方归档,包括租赁合同、发票、车本等资料。

3.      小额租赁业务前端项目文件初审及整理。


1.      Must maintain student identity during the internship, better major in Liberal arts, Commerce.

2.      Work 3-4 days per week for continuous 4-6 months.

3.      Friendly and details-oriented personality, serious and responsible.

4.      Good interpersonal communication and English.

5.      Familiar with MS office.


1.      大三、大四在读,商科类相关专业优先

2.      每周3-4天,持续3个月

3.      细心、耐心、认真负责

4.      良好沟通能力,英语良好

5.      熟悉Excel等办公软件

Organization: Siemens Financial Services

Company: Siemens Finance and Leasing Ltd.

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Part-time

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