电机设计机械工程师/Motor Design Mechanical Engineer

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

1. Use 3D design software ( e.g. PROE, UG or Solidworks) to do motor structural design;使用3D设计软件(PROE、UG或Solidworks)进行电机结构设计;

2. Use Ansys etc. design analysis software to do performance analysis,  structural simulation option, not option and etc.应用Ansys等设计分析软件进行性能分析、结构强度仿真、发热仿真等;

3. Motor material choose and application.-材料的选择应用;


What do I need to qualify for this job?

1. Major in Motor, mechanical or automatic; bachelor or above degree 电机、电气或机电一体化专业,本科及以上学历;

2. Be familiar with motor theory, motor design and technical process; have motor design and motor control theory basis. 了解电机原理、电机设计及工艺流程,具有电机设计和电机控制的理论基础;

3. Be familiar with motor material character, technical requirements 了解电机材料特性、技术要求;

4. Be familiar with design software such as Ansoft, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and etc.熟练使用Ansoft、AutoCAD、Solid Works 等设计软件;

5. Have a basic understanding about motor test and application 对电机的测试、应用有一定程度的了解;.

6. Master motor basic theory and technical expertise knowledge掌握本专业的基础理论知识和专业技术知识

7. Have a better understanding about motor will be preferred -较系统地掌握电机优先考虑。.


What else do I need to know?

Good English written and spoken. 良好的英语听说读写能力;

Organization: Technology

Company: Siemens Standard Motors Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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