Scrum Master for R&D of the traffic of the future

Job Description

There are three of us, and we are looking for a fourth to join us. We are driven by the desire to keep moving forward. Therefore, to expand our ranks, we are looking for an experienced SM who has had some life experience, is willing to share their experience, and is not afraid to say out loud what is going on in their head. In brief, we are looking for someone to complement our team who is not a solo player and who likes to do things properly (like we do).

Who are we, and what do we do?
Our everyday life at Siemens Mobility revolves around cars, intersections, smart cities and technical solutions. We develop solutions for traffic control for a new generation of smart cities. Our activities directly impact the quality of life in Brno, and we affect the mobility of hundreds of thousands of commuters every day. We are not satisfied with the status quo and therefore keep on innovating – Brno has become a laboratory for autonomous traffic control. Our systems are currently being tested at several intersections in Brno. Our solutions are based on analysing the current traffic situation, adaptive and dynamic traffic flows and green waves, and on determining priorities for public transportation.

What does R&D Brno look like?
Our Brno team consists of approximately 80 developers, testers and traffic engineers. Apart from that, we collaborate with our colleagues from Germany, the United States, England and India. Our work is agile. Every day we learn about traffic systems with the help of our traffic engineers. We focus on transitioning from on-site solutions to the cloud, microservice architecture, automatic testing and UX. Except for industrial standards, we are not bound by any other demands, so we have a lot of development freedom. We like to meet outside work a lot; we do sports, have a beer and travel together (when it is allowed).

It is of more importance to us than certificates that:
  • You know various agile methodologies, have experienced frameworks for scaling and are not afraid to use them in practice;
  • You have a natural talent for understanding the people around you, for motivating them and for helping them create a pleasant environment that everyone looks forward to;
  • You are not afraid to experiment, and you see failure as an opportunity for further development;
  • Step by step, you can improve not only your team but also the whole company;
  • You know when it is more suitable to use mentoring and when to coach the entire team;
  • You have a “black belt” in soft skills;
  • You know how to facilitate team meetings to the satisfaction of all the participants;
  • You continue to work on yourself and follow current trends in agility.
What do we offer you?
  • Hiring bonus in the amount of CZK 100,000
  • 25 days of vacation
  • Flexible working hours with a fixed core from 10am to 2pm
  • Possibility of working from home to better combine your work and private life
  • Corporate kindergarten close to the workplace in Prague
  • Contribution towards meals in the form of e-meal vouchers
  • Opportunity to buy Siemens shares
  • Multisport card or ActivePass
  • Advantageous mobile plan for private purposes
  • Advantageous offers for employees (e.g. a discount on a car or on a holiday resort stay)
  • Workplace situated not far from the Brno city centre, Škrobárenská Street, with parking options
IN ADDITION, you will have your own individual benefit budget (an amount of CZK 24,000 or 48,000, depending on seniority) that according to your needs and consideration can be converted into: 
  • Up to 8 extra days of paid leave beyond the standard 5 weeks
  • Contribution towards leisure-time activities in the Benefit plus cafeteria (can be used for culture, health, travelling, sports and education, including language courses)
  • contributions towards pension and life insurance
Stop by for a cup of coffee and get to the heart of the traffic of the future with us! :-)

Organization: Siemens Mobility

Company: Siemens Mobility, s.r.o.

Experience Level: not defined

Job Type: Full-time

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