西门子 通用运动控制 服务业务经理(北京)

Job Description


1. Prepare Siemens General Motion Control (GMC)product service strategy and implement it through cooperation with SFAE (a Siemens operation company) and factories like SNC, SEDL.
2. Build up a profitable and sustainable service business model: SFAE/SNC+ESPs. 
3. Continuously improve GMC service satisfaction rate.

• 制定通用运动控制(GMC)产品服务战略,并与SFAE及工厂合作,推动服务战略的执行;
• 建立BU, SFAE, 工厂,外部服务合作伙伴(ESP)的业务合作模式,扩大GMC服务业务;
• 处理日常服务相关事务,不断提高GMC客户的服务满意度

What are my responsibilities?

1. Handle daily urgent service cases, such as urgent repair and transportation damage.
2. Work with product manager to monitor GMC product failure rate, if necessary, initiate a trouble shooting.
3. External Service Partner (ESP) development and management.
4. Manage and control the goodwill cost.
5. Regularly evaluate GMC service provider’s performance, improve service KPI.
6. According to the market situation, timely optimize GMC product service strategy, to keep GMC product selling competence.
7. Regularly communicate with MC HQ.

3. 外部服务合作伙伴(ESP)的发展及管理
4. 管理并控制Goodwill服务费用
6. 根据市场的变化,制定并调整通用运动控制(GMC)产品的未来服务发展战略,让GMC产品更有市场竞争力
7. 与德国MC总部定期的沟通
What do I need to qualify for this job?

1. Bachelor or above, electric or industrial automation related background.
2. Some service handling experience
3. Good presentation and communication capability
4. Strategical thinking 
5. be suitable to business trip

1. 本科及以上学历,电气或自动化相关专业教育背景 
2. 对服务业务有一定的理解和经验
3. 良好的表达能力和跨部门沟通能力
4. 具备一定的战略分析能力
5. 能够适应经常出差
What else do I need to know?

General Motion Control main products are low voltage converters, 400V and 690V, power range from 1.2Kw to several MW; servo drive and servo motor; gear motor. GMC products are widely used in iron & steel, metal, oil, electrics and battery, textile, logistics, packaging branch etc.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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