Resource Planning & documentation specialist

Job Description

1. With the help of pre-sales SA, predict the resource use plan according to sol's pipeline, and make resource preparation in advance

2. Reasonably allocate and optimize the use of resources according to the project plan of each executive project manager

3. Follow up the plan of each project, coordinate and manage resources to ensure the normal completion of the project as planned

4. Make resource utilization plan, improve the accuracy and operability of the plan, and consider the improvement of personnel skills

5. Manage the working hours of resources correctly to ensure the efficiency of employees

6. Plan ahead for the resource if there are resources that can not be used in the project,  and inform the related department

7.Coding, sorting, filing, classification, identification, storage and statistics of pre-sale and after-sale qualified documents

8.Establishing document cataloguing, giving full play to the role of document information source

9.Assisting in the formulation of document management standards, collecting pre-sale and after-sale qualified documents, and checking the standard format.

Organization: Advanta

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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