西门子亚洲全球产品中心 产品经理(伺服电机)

Job Description

Who are we?
We are the Siemens General Motion Control Asian Global Hub. As the headquarter hub of Siemens AG in Nanjing, we are the pioneer to develop new products, promote them for the fastest developing regions, like China and other regions around China, to enhance the leading positioning of Siemens of motion control market. 
We are also a young and self-motivated team to develop ourselves fast as a learning organization to adapter us to the growing and challenging global business.
What are we doing? 
We are the product people. It is our goal to create competitive and innovative products by ourselves and promote them to the global range. 
What are our products? 
Our products, AC inverters, servo drives and motors, are the muscle of the industry to move the machines running with high efficiency and accuracy. As the foundation of the industry automation, what we created is continuously to improve the productivity and efficiency of the manufactory and infrastructure.  
总部产品经理 – 伺服电机 
Product Manager for Servomotor
The product manager of the SIMOTICS Servomotor is the global responsible product owner, who will define and deliver the competitive products to the target market according to the market needs of China and global with the unique selling point to win the profitable business growth. He will drive the business performance of assigned products with all cross-functional partners over the whole process chain. 
What are my responsibilities:
- 负责伺服电机产品全生命周期管理。 包含产品规划,产品定位,需求管理,产品上市,产品维护等。
Manage the whole product lifecycle of servo system including new product definition, portfolio and price position, requirement management, product commercialization and product maintenance, etc.  
- 与目标市场区域配合挖掘市场机会和用户的需求, 并制定商业计划。包含市场细分、竞争分析和用户的价值分析。
Discover the market opportunity and customer needs to identify the business plan in line with target business regions. Determine customer real needs by detailing personas, pains, value propositions and user journeys in co-creation with our customers.
- 定义产品功能和迭代,通过产品实现客户价值。
Define the product features to bring the customer values by understanding of customer needs. 
- 与研发团队密切合作在规定的时间、成本框架内实现定义的产品功能。
Cooperate with R&D and production, to realize the products to reach the target cost and time plan with the required features.
- 配合销售推广团队进行新产品市场导入、实现产品商业化和业务可持续增长。
Cooperate with the CRM (sales, promotion…) to introduce products for commercialization and achieve the business growth.  Give support to marketing and sale teams in regions.
- 持续推动产品优化,并通过需求工程分析使产品的投资收益率最大化。
Push for continuous product optimization and maximize the product ROI (Return on Investment) by requirements engineering.
What do I need to qualify for this job?
- 熟悉中国和全球的伺服市场,业务和竞争态势,具备行业应用经验。
Understand the servo market, business, and key competition in China and global, especially the typical applications.
- 对发掘分析客户应用需求的强烈意愿,具备较强的沟通能力。
Strong willingness to discover customer needs by analysis customers’ application.
- 强烈欢迎具备运动控制行业的工程经验者或熟悉电机产品,如功能特性,目标市场。
Technical background in motion control or familiar with motor’s market is preferred.
- 具备系统化的分析和解决问题的技巧.
Well self-management capability, fast learning ability, and strong problem-solving skill.
- 能在国际化的工作氛围内用英语以及其他语言流畅的交流
Strong communication skill in the intercultural environment with English at least.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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