西门子 数字化工业 工控机产品销售专家

Job Description

For Automation System business unit, we are looking for SIMATIC IPC Sales Specialist. The main responsibility is to push IPC to relevant channels and customers, support DI sales and jointly develop target customers to gain market share in the IPC market.

What are my responsibilities?

 Analyze market & business opportunity of responsible product

•          Define and execute regional 4P strategy for responsible product, focus on “Placement” & “Promotion

•          With focus on increasing transparency of competitor’s market

Being the product responsible person in machine vision and related branches, drive and support all channels to achieve target of responsible product

•          Drive and support DI sales colleague and external partner

•          Develop customer at OEM, SI, DI, EU and partner

•          Synergize resource with BU and sales to optimize the decision process

Deliver knowledge

•          Provide IPC product knowledge and BU strategy internally and externally

•          Organize local promotion activities in target customer and branches

Develop target customer

•          Define and cooperate to develop target OEM/Project with region sales

•          Individually develop new customer OR support IPC partner to develop customer

•          Track the development process and improve the hit rate

What do I need to qualify for this job?

Rich knowledge of SIEMENS IPC or competitors corresponding IPC products

Solid technical background and best with hand-on engineering experience with IPC

Sales experience in international/domestic IPC/PC supplier, or in distributor related to IPC

Bachelor or above.

2-5 years working experience in automation

Experience in IPC-related branch e.g. metal, power, electronics is preferred.

Good communication skills internally and externally, and good ability to listen

Good presentation skills to present in front of large audience

Quick learner and with good sense of business

Ability for structured & analytic approach to analyze status, propose measures, implement and follow-up

Teamwork spirit

What else do I need to know (introduction about business)

SIMATIC by Siemens is one of the world's leading industrial automation systems. It includes a range of industrial automation products designed to accommodate a large variety of tasks. Flexible and cost-effective, the SIMATIC system is ideally suited to manage the ever-growing demands the manufacturing and process industry requires of today’s machines and systems

SIMATIC IPC, with its unique designs of structure and main board, represents the top-ranking technologies in industrial PC.  It is adaptable to any environment with satisfying reliability and security, no matter the specific model:  Rack PC, Panel PC, or Box PC.

For two decades, Siemens has been setting the world standard for robust, innovative, durable industrial computers. Our devotion to engineering excellence is evident throughout our Industrial PC portfolio with features such as our patented hard disk mountings, latest Intel processor technologies, preinstalled and activated Windows operating system, and advanced communications interfaces – for unparalleled performance and reliability.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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