Commercial Intern/商务实习生

Job Description

What do I learn from the internship?

  1. In BC, SCM related department learning company business, order management, financial controlling etc.在财务控制、供应链管理等相关部门学习公司业务、订单管理、财务控制等商务知识;

  2. Gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Commercial areas, e.g. pricing/costing, order processing, cost allocation & billing, product development, material logistics, production control, financial statement, etc. 在商务领域获得理论知识和实践经验 ,如:价格管理,订单管理,成本分配、产品开发、物料管理、生产控制、财务分析等方面;

  3. Experience on standard operation process and system.体检标准化运营流程与体系。


    What do I need to qualify for this job?

  1. Bachelors or Masters in financial or related field (Finance, Accounting, Data Science, Statistics, Economics, International Trade etc.),junior student or second grade postgraduate; 本科或硕士学历,财务或相关专业(财务、会计、数据科学、统计学、经济学、国际贸易等),大三或研二在校生;
  2. Fluent in verbal and written English; 流利的英语口语和书面表达能力;
  3. Good communication skills; 良好的沟通能力;
  4. Highly detail oriented; 高度注重细节;
  5. Sensitivity to financial figures; 对财务数据具有高度的敏感性;
  6. Good teamwork attitude; 良好的团队合作精神;
  7. Excellent academic performance; 优秀的学业成绩;
  8. Written recommendation from university professor (optional); 能够提供教授推荐下(可选);


Besides, we will recommend attending Siemens Commercial Trainee Program (SCTP) who have a good performance during the internship.


About SCTP :

Siemens Commercial Trainee Program covers a 12-month intensive program. SCTP will provide training with intense rotation tasks and working experience in different business departments. During the program, the trainee will have 4 phase training and work rotation, and rotation covers like Purchase department, Order management, and Financial controlling etc. commercial function department. In the process of work rotation, trainee will work with different business unit and take more working responsibilities. Coach and Program manager will guide the trainee to complete the program and help young commercial talent to develop career at Siemens.

为期12个月的商务培训生项目, 将为你提供在西门子不同业务部门的轮岗培训和工作体验,项目期间,你将迎接四期具有挑战性的培训和轮岗实践,四期轮岗涵盖了采购、订单管理、财务控制等多个商务职能部门。在轮岗的过程中,你将体验不同业务部门的工作,并承担多项工作职责。导师和项目经理将带领你完成全方位的财物/商务理论学习与轮岗实践,和你一起创造更广阔的职业发展之路.

Organization: Controlling and Finance

Company: Siemens Standard Motors Ltd.

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Part-time

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