SHL STH Private Market 南区 影像产品 私立市场销售(长沙)

Job Description

Mission/Position Headline:    
Achieve sales target for assigned product line in responsible area. 

Areas of Responsibilities:
  • Achieve sales target in assigned area for responsible product lines.
  • 完成所负责区域指定产品的销售目标。
  • Promote Siemens Branding to customers, participate in area marketing activity.
  • 积极参与所负责区域的市场活动,向客户推广西门子品牌。
  • Exploit customer needs, maintain close relationship with named account in assigned area.
  • 客户需求开发,在负责区域维护客户关系。
  • Maintain business channel and support business partner in bidding. 
  • 维护商业渠道,指导并支持业务合作伙伴的项目投标工作。
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through consistent high quality interactions with customer management.
  • 与客户管理层保持持续和有效的沟通交流,以维持高水平的客户满意度。
  • Escalate and seek for support internally when occurring business cases and issues.
  • 及时向上级反馈业务状况,并在发生问题前寻求帮助。
  • Act as Mentor to Account Specialist in demand.
  • 在客户专员需要时给予工作上的指导和帮助。
  • Other tasks assigned by management.
  • 上级安排的其他工作任务。


  • 3-5 years working experience in sales, project management and technology in the field of medical equipment.
  • 3-5年医疗设备行业的的工作经历,有销售、项目管理和技术方面的相关经验。
  • Good in understanding an acting on customer's needs.
  • 较好地理解客户的需求。
  • Good skill in selling, skilled in direct-selling.
  • 良好的销售技巧,具备直销能力。
  • Good skill in negotiation, project management and market information collection.
  • 良好的谈判、项目管理和市场信息收集能力。
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill in Chinese as good command of English.
  • 优秀的口头和书面沟通能力,良好的英语水平。
  • Self-motivated, strong power on implementation, quick learner, able to work under high pressure.
  • 自我激励,极强的执行力,快速学习能力,能够承受高压的工作。
  • Frequent travel is required.
  • 适应高频率的差旅。
  • Bachelor degree preferred, or equivalent degree with major in medical, marketing, business or related
  • 本科或同等学历,医学、市场营销及商务等相关专业

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Healthineers Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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