Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack Developer

Job Description

  • Experience building and maintaining production-ready Angular applications with automated testing and complex state management
  • Experienced with/Have in-depth knowledge of:
    • JavaScript and latest features of ES6/7
    • HTML5, CSS and popular CSS frameworks/libraries
    • TypeScript
    • Implementing OAuth 2.0 and OpenID flows (Authorization Code Flow with PKCE in particular).
    • Implementing UI with fine grain control of roles, privileges (IAM)
    • Best practices to handle/create HTTP Header fields and status code
    • WebSocket and HTTP/2
    • Cookie, Web Storage (Local Storage, Session Storage) and IndexedDB
    • At least one state management library: NgRx, NgXs, RxJS with Redux pattern
    • At least one testing tool/framework: Jasmine, Mocha, Karma, Jest
    • Automated UI testing using Selenium, Protractor, Nightwatch.JS
    • OpenAPI specification and how it can benefit front-end development
    • Bundle and package management tool: NPM/Yarn, Webpack
    • Session recording using tools like K6
    • D3.js or other visualisation library
    • Dotnet Core 3.1 in a Linux environment
    • Postgres
  • Demonstrated experience building cross-browser compatible web applications
  • Able to work autonomously to translate user stories and requirements into wireframes and/or implementations
  • Understand principles of RESTful APIs
  • Docker, Git

Organization: Advanta

Company: Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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