数字化工业 工业AI项目经理 Industrial AI Technology Project Manager

Job Description

Make different AI with DI 

Big data and AI give Industry 4.0 a huge boost. Siemens Digital Industries Division establish a new agile & innovative team to incubate Industrial Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning products and solutions.

·       Difference on use case: Industrial machine learning solutions can use data generated by factory to identify trends and patterns that can then be used to make manufacturing processes more efficient and improve their product quality. This is how plants are constantly adapting to new circumstances and undergoing optimization with no need for operator input.

·       Difference on deployment: Industrial machine learning software with sufficiently intelligent analytical technology is already available, which runs not only on Cloud but also on Edge platform.And as the level of networking increases, machine learning software can learn to “read between the lines,” which can lead to the discovery of many complex connections in systems that aren’t yet or are no longer evident to the human eye.

Your role – challenging and future-oriented

·       You will engage industry customers to identify and explore use case for AI at shop floor.

·       You will work with agile team members (e.g. scientists, architects, developer, experts) to prepare the project proposal and relevant commerical plan.

·       You will lead the whole project management with agile and transparent way, to ensure the successful delivery.

·       You will collaborate with internal colleagues (e.g. automation engineers, sales, business developers) and external resources (e.g. outsourcing resource, 3rd vendors)

·       You will dirve the customer requriement, expecation, effectively track the project progress and solve the confliction.

·       You will participate in knowledge sharing within the team and a community of experts.

Your qualifications – solid and appropriate

·       You have obvious experience with agile project management

·       You have obvious experience with project management toolkits

·       You have obvious experience with customer management, especially on requirement mining

·       You have good written and oral communication strength

·       You have obvious good knowledge with Artificial Intelligence

·       You have obvious good knowledge with Manufacture and Automation

·       You have real world problem solving and a hands-on, can-do mentality.

·       You have proven track record of taking ownership and driving results.

#digital minds#

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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