Job Description






Title: Senior Front-end Software Engineer

Job Family: Research & Development

Location: Chengdu

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., Digital Enterprises and Digital Services

Mode of Employment: Full time




Job Description

Siemens is a leading company in industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, committed to providing complete digital solutions for manufacturing enterprises and continuously improving their competitiveness. As the responsible department of digital solutions for discrete manufacturing industries, Digital Enterprise & Digital Service department provides one-stop services to the market, including consulting, digital project implementation, industrial IoT and industrial big data analysis.

The successful candidate will be Senior Front-end Software Engineer in the Department, responsible for front-end architecture, technology selection, UI design and function development.


  • 设计、代码实现等;
  • 协助技术主管及时发现并解决技术问题,管理并控制前端研发过程风险;
  • 协助技术主管持续优化前端开发流程,提高开发效率及质量;
  • 了解后端技术实施,并与后端开发人员进行接口联调工作。


  • Participate in product requirement analysis and requirement realization, independently or lead the whole front-end R&D process, including front-end architecture design, technology selection, UI design, code implementation, etc.
  • Assist technical team leader to find out and solve technical problems in time, manage and control the risks in front-end R&D process
  • Assist technical team leader to continuously optimize the front-end R&D process, and improve the development efficiency and quality
  • Understand back-end development process and technology, conduct joint debugging with back-end developers.


  • 5年以上前端开发和设计经验,熟练掌握HTML、 CSS、JavaScript等前端基础;
  • 理解并掌握Angular(必须)、Vue、React、Jquery等基本框架,并熟练使用VScode开发工具;
  • 具有UI设计经验,有良好的视觉表现力;
  • 至少熟悉Echart,Highchart或D3其中一种图表控件的使用;
  • 熟练使用JavaScript、Type script面向对象编程,有H5移动App开发经验优先考虑;
  • 熟悉W3C标准ES规范,能够解决各种浏览器兼容性问题;
  • 了解sass、less、stylus等预编译语言;
  • 熟练使用grunt、gulp、webpack等自动化构建工具;
  • 熟练使用Git、SVN等相关工具;
  • 了解并熟悉至少一种后端语言(Java、Python、PHP);
  • 有良好的沟通能力及较好的工作承压能力,对技术富有钻研精神,责任心强;
  • 本科及以上学历,计算机相关专业。


  • 5+ years’ experience of front-end design and development, proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end technology
  • Understand and master the framework of Angular, Vue, React, Jquery, proficient in VScode development tools
  • UI design experience and good visual expression
  • Familiar with the one or more chart control, e.g., Echart, Highchart or D3
  • Proficient in object-oriented programming, e.g., JavaScript, Type script
  • Experience in H5 mobile app development is preferred
  • Familiar with W3C standard es specification, able to solve various browser compatibility problems
  • Understand sass, less, stylus and other precompiled languages
  • Proficient in using automated building tools, such as grunt, gulp and webpack
  • Proficient in using Git, SVN and other related tools
  • Familiar with at least one back-end language (Java, python, PHP)
  • Good communication skills and good pressure bearing ability, full of research spirit on technology, strong sense of responsibility
  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in computer science related.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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