西门子管理培训生 数字化工厂 业务拓展经理

Job Description

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented

1. Develop and manage 2nd tier distributor for FA in Siemens ecosystem    发展和管理新渠道伙伴

2. Support distributor develop 2nd tier city in OEM segment    帮助渠道伙伴开发中小城市的OEM客户

3. Well establish distribution system will help you achieve the target in a more effective.    健全的现存分销体系是你工作的有力保障。

4. Opportunity to experience the complete business and value chain of FA.    有机会接触FA的整体业务链和价值链

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate

1. No limitation on are of study.   对于专业没有要求

2. Maximum 2 years of working experience between/after bachelor and master graduation.  (not including teaching and working experience within university)  工作经验越少越好, 原则上不超过两年。(不含校内工作、教学经验)

2. Solid capability on responsibility and inter-person-skills     需要证明自己有较强的责任心和沟通技巧

3. Prefer international experience gained either through studying, working or living.    有海外学习或生活经验者优先。

4. prefer experience in student union and so on.  曾在学生会或教工组织等任职者优先。 

5. Flexibility and mobility especially within the program duration。  在两年的培训期内有可能会在国内其他城市工作。

6. Excellent command of English.  流利的英语口语水平

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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