Pipeline Position for HR Expert

Job Description

The position is for HR expert team pipelining, which covers HR Strategy and Employer Branding, C&B, Employee Relations, People Analytics.

HR Strategy and Employer Branding
1. Conduct research and coordinate external exchanges to bring in outside-in market intelligence
2. Initiate, design and drive implementation of key strategic projects
3. Prepare executive communication in internal meetings and external exchanges (keynote speeches, interviews, etc)
4. China HR key activities planning, e.g., timing over the year, objectives 
5. Orchestrate HR related global VIP visits to China (incl. MBM)
6. Support HR related topics in communities (PLM, Service, digital)
7. Design and align key objective, approach, message framework of EB promotion
8. Orchestrate EB program incl. content, channels, data tracking mechanism, etc.
9. Manage overall EB delivery, incl. budget, timeline, vendor management, etc.

1. Ensures implementation of global, regional and/or country Compensation and Benefits policies and programs 
2. Initiates and delivers Compensation- and Benefits-related projects to meet legislative changes, improve the CB portfolio, and to implement technological changes.  
3. Monitors competitive trends in Compensation and Benefits and evaluates alternatives and costs. 
4. Advise and implement local job analysis and evaluation scheme to ensure standardization & alignment
5. Provides expert advice and guidance to HR/the business on Compensation & Benefits-related matters. 
6. Gains and maintains up-to-date information about market trends in Compensation and Benefits.
7. Runs continuous improvement process within the C&B realm, including regular lessons learned with interface partners. 
8. Potentially, plans and supervises reward projects, i.e., in case of mergers, acquisitions or integrations.
9. Participates in China, Hub and/or global projects as required.
10.Collaborate effectively across countries in the hub.
11 Manage ongoing relationships with external consultants and suppliers to ensure the organization receives satisfactory standard of services.

Employee Relations
1.Focus on updating HR policies and guidelines and documents templates, adapting to local labor law and mitigating risks. 
2.Design and implement process and policies on employee conditions to ensure it is legally compliant and fit with the company’s people strategy.
3.Ensure implementation of the HR related compliance programs e.g. cyber security requirements
4.Proactively identify and report on emerging industrial and labor relations issues and to prevent, minimize or resolve disputes, challenges and issues to ensure organization priorities are met.
5.Interact and work with team members from the Legal, Security, Public Affairs, Management Audit et. Interface with state and local authorities as needed to avoid HR related risks.
6.Build and manage awareness and competence amongst the respective leadership groups on relevant topics and strategies for industrial and labor relations. 
7.Provide consultation to HR local and global projects on ER-related issues, such as M&A projects, OneHR standardization
8. Support other departments to implement process related programs, e.g.. asset clarification, signature mandate, card access management.
9.Drive HR internal digitalization for ER topics to improve efficiency and employee experience
10.Disabled project to save costs for the company and make contribution on social responsibility 
11. Forster strong relationship with the Union e.g. collective contract

People Analytics
1.Provide standard reports and ad-hoc reports to stakeholders
2.Support HR with complex reporting, data analytics to generate insights and provide business intelligence
3.Drive & support standardization and optimization of reporting, support transformation of HRL (global) and HR Dashboard (local)
4.Support local analytics projects like network survey 
5.As data governance to provide data field definition in global HR system
6.Rollout SGES (Siemens Global Employee Survey) locally
7.Analyze survey results and derive insights
8.Support business to conduct on-demand survey via PULSE (Siemens survey platform), if needed 
9.Support re-organization management process locally via global standard platform and coordinate local data change

Organization: Human Resources

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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