Siemens Advanta D Portfolio Owner数字化服务产品经理

Job Description


We are currently looking for Digital Service Portfolio Owner for Siemens Advanta at Suzhou/Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou/Sheng Zhen.

Siemens Advanta数字化服务产品经理。

What are my responsibilities?

1)      Responsible for researching on the policy, industry, market, competition and other aspects that related for Siemens Advanta digital service portfolios.


2)      Work closely with Siemens Advanta business team and Siemens technical team to develop and plan digital service products strategy and roadmap.


3)      Work closely with Siemens Advanta digital service ecosystem partners to build competitive service portfolio solutions.


4)      Responsible for marketing planning, product release, sales support and financial analysis of Siemens Advanta digital service portfolios.


5)      Responsible for the life cycle management of digital service portfolios, including the development, maintenance, update and delisting of service portfolios.


6)      Build digital service product management system, process, methods and tools, etc., according to Siemens Advanta business needs.


7)      Guide, supervise, train, support project and development teams to define, design, develop and implement appropriate service portfolio solutions.


8)      Participate in the establishment of industry standards related to digital service portfolios, and manage the identification and application of intellectual property(IP) related to service portfolios.


9)      Other tasks assigned by superior.


What do I need to qualify for this job? 

1)      Bachelor degree from 211 or 985 university, major in automation, computer or industrial engineering; Master of Business Administration(MBA/EMBA) is preferred.

211或985高校本科毕业,自动化、计算机、工业工程专业;硕士工商管理专业(MBA/EMBA) 更佳。

2)      5 years or above product manager experience in hardware/firmware/software/service products in industrial field.


3)      Familiarity with business characteristics, customer needs, solutions and related technologies in one or more industrial areas.


4)      Familiar with digitization related IT technology: demand analysis tools, software development tools, operation and maintenance tools, etc.


5)      Familiar with industrial digital products such as PLM, SCM, ERP, MOM, MES, WMS, QMS, EMS etc.

熟悉/了解工业数字化产品如:PLM, SCM, ERP, MOM, MES, WMS, QMS, EMS 等。

6)      Familiar with industry, technology, competition, customer and other market analysis methods and tools.


7)      Familiar with marketing/service marketing theories, concepts, methods and tools.


8)      Familiar with basic corporate finance concepts such as income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Familiar with break-even analysis is a plus.


9)      Product management certification or project management certification, product development experience is preferred.


10)    Experience in automation/software related projects is a plus.


Organization: Advanta

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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