Software engineer in Simcenter 3D Motion

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

Simcenter 3D Motion ( is a multi-body simulation software serving both designer and analyst customers worldwide. This position works on developing, enhancing, and maintaining the software on Windows and Linux platforms. Development work follows an ISO certified development process.

Responsibilities include

•           Work in agile scrum team, understand functional and non-functional requirements, define and implement functionalities, workflows and improvements to surpass customer expectation.      

•           Take responsibility for quality, create and execute quality assurance and quality certification test plans, maintain manual and auto test suits, address internally and externally reported bugs.

•           Maintain technical documentation, share knowledge in the organization.


Simcenter 3D Motion ( 是NX平台上的一款三维多体动力学仿真分析软件;它广泛地应用于机械机构的设计、仿真和验证。该职位在Windows和Linux平台上开发和维护Simcenter 3D Motion软件。开发工作遵从经ISO认证的流程。


•           在敏捷团队中工作,理解功能和非功能需求,定义并实现功能,工作流和改进,超越客户期望。

•           为软件质量负责,创建并执行测试计划,维护人工和自动化测试案列, 处理外部和内部发现的质量缺陷。

•           维护技术文档,在组织内分享知识。

What do I need to qualify for this job?

•           Master of Science (MS) in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Vehicle Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent.

•           Interested in making a successful career in industry simulation software development.

•           Three years’ experience of using C++ object-oriented programming. 

•           Good analytical and logical problem-solving skills

•           Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, be able to work with global teams.

•           Self-motivated, team oriented, objective driven

•           理工科硕士:机械、车辆工程相关专业,力学相关专业,计算机相关专业。

•           有志于工业仿真软件开发。

•           3年以上C++面向对象编程经验。

•           具备独立分析和解决问题的能力。

•           英语阅读、书写和口语水平能跟国外团队一起工作。

•           自我驱动,目标驱动;有良好团队合作精神。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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