Cybersecurity Professional for Training & Curriculum (m/f/d)

Job Description

Service Manager Curriculum and Training for Cybersecurity

We make real what matters. This is your role:

  • We are looking for you to strengthen our team for the development and support of our internal services in area of Cybersecurity. Our customers are mainly internal business units
  • In your role as Service Manager for Curriculum and Training you will develop our new Cybersecurity Curriculum & Training Service. This comprises:
  • Creation and coordination  of a structured training portfolio based on existing training offerings, complemented by external training
  • Establishing career concepts and paths including competence management
  • Target Group for the Curriculum are all employees in their respective roles contributing to Cybersecurity at Siemens (IT, OT and PSS)
  • You will create processes for selection, integration and maintenance of trainings --> selection criteria, quality criteria, coordination
  •  You will need to select, ramp-up and maintain a platform for deploying the Curriculum.
  •  You will align with your customers on their demands regarding your service.
  • You will collaborate in the creation of appropriate processes and structures to maintain and increase efficiency and effectiveness of your service
  • You will contribute to other services in your team in similar areas in order to support achieving the targets for all services.
  • You will manage projects and workstreams across Siemens and report to the Cybersecurity Board
  • You will drive or contribute to cybersecurity initiatives together with colleagues from Business segments for the cybersecurity community
  • You will also contribute to moderation and orchestration of various alignment bodies / work groups like decision boards, councils and workstreams in the internal Cybersecurity community

Use your skills to move the world forward. (Skills, capabilities, work experience)

  • University degree in computer science, IT security, electronics or related fields
  • Multiple years (>5 years) experience in Cyber Security, OT environment or product, solution or service business and customer world
  • Basic experience in cyber security. Being able to estimate security threats and risks
  • Initiative, creativity, analytical skills, strategic thinking, and ability to work in international teams (within Siemens and with the external clients)
  • Work experience as project manager and/or as consultant - international experience preferably - (organize, direct, drive teams/issues, reporting)
  • Very strong customer and service orientation
  • General knowledge of Industrial security standard IEC 62443.
  • Working experience in the area of Trainings and awareness programs
  • Working in international organizations --> different cultures, different time zones, diverse organizational setups.
  • Working with different stakeholders --> reconciling them --> achieving a win-win situation
  • Experience in community work
  • Experience in moderation, dealing with conflict situations
  • You are open minded, have cross-cultural experience
  • structured, analytical thinking, ability for abstraction --> find the right altitude
  • Good spoken and written English
  • You may have knowledge or experience in some of the following areas:
    • General knowledge of Industrial security standard IEC 62443. Knowledge of market specific standards e.g. VGB, NIST, HIPAA, EU Cybersecurity Act, etc. would be a plus.
    • General knowledge on relevant national or international cyber security laws, standards and regulations
    Please attach your CV in English or German.

Securing the Future Enterprise Today

Whether in the field of Industry, Smart Infrastructure or Energy: Digitalization is simplifying many facets of life. Therefore, we need to manage the associated risks caused through Cybercriminals. 

“Making an impact that matters!”, that’s the motto we live by. We at Siemens are continuously pushing the boundaries of sectors such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies. However, with such digital innovations come unpredictable security challenges and vulnerabilities, thus increasing the risk of cyberattacks.

We’re looking for brilliant, ambitious gamechangers like you to join our team of experts. Together let’s create cutting-edge security solutions and infrastructures that protect our data and the digital assets of our customers. Help us tackle tomorrow’s challenges today!

Join us! Together we can make our digital world more secure.

Do you want to know more about Cybersecurity at Siemens? 

Curious about our Cybersecurity hubs?

· The Siemens Lisbon Tech Hub has more than 1000 digital minds including the Cybersecurity team, making it one of the largest in Europe - check it out

· The CyberHub in Madrid is comprised of a diverse team of security experts who are passionate about their work. They enjoy contributing and collaborating in a fun, flexible environment with space to grow.

Diversity at Siemens is our source of creativity and innovation. Having different types of talent and experience makes us more competitive and better able to respond successfully to society's demands. That's why we value candidates who reflect the diversity we enjoy in our company.

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Organization: Cybersecurity

Company: Siemens Holding S.L.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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