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Job Description

We are looking for a Software Engineer for Simcenter 3D Pre/Postprocessing.
What are my responsibilities? 
Simcenter 3D Pre/Postprocessing 
A fully integrated and managed, yet open environment, where you perform all CAE pre-and-postprocessing on CAD data from any source for Simcenter and third-party solvers. Reduce the time you spend preparing analysis models, and spend more time evaluating results. Quickly move from multi-CAD geometry data to a complete, run-ready analysis model using unique tools for CAE geometry editing, comprehensive meshing, FE assembly management, multi-CAE solver environments, and fast simulation results post processing and reporting.

Responsibilities include 
• Design, develop, modify, and implement software programming for products (both internal and external) with focus on surpassing customers expectations by achieving high quality and on time delivery.  
• Responsible for ensuring the overall functional quality of the released product on all required platforms and mechanism.  
• Ability to understand complex products, solutions, and problems. Creates, documents, and executes software designs which may involve complicated workflows or multiple product areas. 
• Works with general supervision on complex projects with latitude for independent judgment. Moderate skills with high level of proficiency and technical expertise.
• Work in an agile scrum team, be able to work in agile way, collaborating with other scrum team members to achieve sprint goals and release goals. Be open to communicate with everyone, speaking up to help scrum team continue improving process and best practice.

Simcenter 3D Pre/Postprocessing 
一个完全集成和管理,但开放的环境,在那里你可以对支持Simcenter的任意来源的CAD数据做CAE的前后处理并支持第三方求解器。它能让你减少准备分析模型的时间,花更多的时间评估结果。你能够使用 CAE 几何编辑、综合网格、FE 装配管理、多 CAE 解算器环境以及快速模拟结果后处理和报告的独特工具,快速从多 CAD 几何数据转向完整的运行就绪的分析模型

• 设计、开发、修改和实施产品(内部和外部)软件编程,通过实现高质量和按时交货来超越客户的期望。  
• 确保发布产品在所有所需平台上的整体功能质量。  
• 能够理解复杂的产品、产品解决方案和所出现的问题。能够对可能涉及复杂工作流或多个产品领域的软件进行设计,并创建相应设计文档。 
• 中等熟练程度和技术水平,对复杂问题具有一定独立判断能力,基本能独立自主工作。
• 作为一个Scrum团队中的一份子,能够以敏捷的方式工作,与其他 Scrum 团队成员协作,实现冲刺目标及发布目标。具有开放心态,能与每个人顺畅沟通,直言不讳,帮助Scrum团队不断改进流程和最佳实践。

What do I need to qualify for this job? 
• Bachelor of Science (BS) with 3 years of experience, or Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineer, Engineering Mechanics, or equivalent.
• Interested in making a successful career in industry simulation software development. 
• Three years’ experience of using C++ object-oriented programming.  
• Good analytical and logical problem-solving skills
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, be able to work with global teams.
• Self-motivated, team oriented, objective driven, good self-learning skills
• With NX or other commercial CAD, CAE software secondary development experience or good use experience is preferred

• 理工科硕士:计算机科学、机械工程、航空航天工程、土木工程师、工程力学或同等学历的理学学士学位(MS)。
• 有志于工业仿真软件开发。
• 3年以上C++面向对象编程经验。
• 具备独立分析和解决问题的能力。
• 英语阅读、书写和口语水平能跟国外团队一起工作。
• 自我驱动,目标驱动;有良好团队合作精神,良好自学能力。
• 具有NX或其他商业CAD, CAE软件二次开发经验或良好使用经验者优先

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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