Service Coordinator服务协调

Job Description

Responsibilities / 工作职责:

  • External service partner development & management: build up business model which benefit Siemens, partner & customer. Define, implement, optimize guidance of development & operation. Supervise external service partner to fulfill service process & quality standard.
  • 外部服务伙伴的发展和管理:搭建西门子、伙伴、客户共赢的业务模式,制定、执行、优化外部服务伙伴发展与运行准则,督促服务伙伴满足服务流程与质量标准。
  • Define service strategy/process together with HQ, BU & service delivery team. Keep optimizing, improving service process and standard.
  • 和总部、产品BU、服务执行部门共同制定本地服务策略、流程。持续优化、改进服务流程、业务标准。
  • Coordinate with HQ, BU, sales & service delivery team to handle customer’s special service request appropriately with compliance. Improve customer satisfaction.
  • 协调总部、BU、销售、服务执行等内部资源,合理合规的处理客户特殊服务需求,提高客户满意度。
  • Manage handling of customer’s complaint, coordinate for urgent service case, reduce negative influence for company reputation. 
  • 客户投诉管理,协调处理紧急服务事件,降低负面影响。
  • Other relevant service task.
  • 其他服务相关工作。

Qualification / 任职要求:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above. Relevant major of electronic, electric, mechanic, automation & computer will be plus.
  • 统招本科及以上学历,电子、电气、机械、自动化、计算机相关专业优先。
  • More than 3 years’ experience of service coordination/management in manufacturing enterprise. Experience of service partner management will be plus.
  • 3年以上制造业客户服务协调或管理经验,具备服务供应商管理经验优先。
  • Have open mind, be willing to study and have ability for quick learning.
  • 开放的工作心态,愿意积极学习并具备快速学习能力。
  • Have active thinking, strong ability of organization & coordination, good skill of communication & expression. Do well in cross-department communication & cooperation.
  • 具备活跃性思维,有很强的组织、协调能力,良好的沟通和表达能力,擅长跨部门沟通及合作。
  • Have strong ability of finding, analyzing & solving problem.
  • 具备很强的发现、分析、推动解决问题的能力。
  • Be familiar with using MS office & other office tools.
  • 能够熟练使用Microsoft office等日常办公软件。
  • Workable writing & oral English.
  • 良好的英语听说读写。
  • Business trip is requested.
  • 可出差。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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