SSME ECC Senior Warehouse Clerk

Job Description

Performing all material flow (GR/GI, stocking taking…)in the warehouse in timely and accurate manner, to ensure consistency between accounting books and physical inventory, to support WH manager to perform X- function training plan , new worker training and Keeping warehouse area clean according to 5S requirement,  daily problems solving and escalation. 按照要求及时准确地完成仓储物流活动,包括出入库作业、盘点、记账等工作,确保账实相符。支持仓库主管及经理执行跨岗位培训,根据6S或者其他规定要求对新员工进行培训,保持物料区域清洁,解决日常问题并及时汇报相关情况。
• Goods receiving, put-away, issue in the warehouse area, taking laws and regulations  into consideration (hazardous goods ordnance…) to ensure all components are properly maintained and stored in warehouse. 根据相关要求和规定做好货物接收并妥善完成上架、下架、存放等相关操作,确保所有物料在仓库中得到妥善维护和储存。
• Unpackaging  and delivery of components to production line for manufacturing, ensure deliver right materials on right time to internal customers. 组件的开箱并交付至生产线,确保在正确的时间将正确的物料交付给需求单位。
• Proper actions for abnormal situations. 对工作中的异常采取恰当的处理措施。
• Storage conditions checking such as temperature, humidity, weight, size, type of goods, to ensure the material is stored correctly and properly. 按照相关要求检查储存条件,如温度、湿度、重量、尺寸、货物类型,以确保材料得到恰当储存。
• Obtaining and passing information and close cooperation with all Involved partners, to ensure smooth goods movements. 通过与所有相关合作伙伴密切合作及有效沟通,确保货物顺利流动。
• Stock taking, identify root cause of inventory difference. 参与盘点,找出库存差异的根本原因。
• Well define material flow and warehouse layout, to ensure smooth material moving flow in WH. 积极参与物流和仓库布局改善,提高仓库物流效率。
• EH&S monitoring in WH. 严格执行环境、健康与安全的相关规定,并监督相关人员执行情况,确保自己负责的区域符合EH&S要求。
• Timely material report to ensure inventory status is under the control. 及时报告物料情况,包括数量异常、储存条件异常等,确保库存状态处于受控之中。
• Label control 产品标贴的有效管控,确保按时将正确的标贴交付给生产线。
• Apply license key for production using software. 按照正确的授权执行仓库ERP或者其他IT系统的操作,确保数据录入正确。
• Continuously improve working efficiency and quality service awareness. 不断提高工作效率和质量服务意识。
• All materials are maintained right location and bin number. 系统中正确维护物料的库位和储位,并且所有物料都被维护了储位号。
• Other WH tasks assigned by superior. 完成上级主管交办的仓库其他相关工作。
• To support WH manager to train people, develop team members. 配合仓库经理/主管培训员工,培养团队成员。
• Coaching new team member in daily operation. 指导新组员的日常工作。

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Manufacturing Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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