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Job Description

Siemens has recognized environment protection, health management and safety (EHS) as one of the most important elements in the organization’s sustainable growth and has closely linked it to Siemens’ cultural values. We continually strive to create a safe and healthy working environment by being responsive, caring and committed to the various needs governing the security and well-being of employees. Prevention of health hazards, accidents, and incidents of injury is a key element of our company’s sustainable strategy and an integral part of our business processes. Health & Safety and the successful management of Risks play an essential role in protecting our employees and assets and thereby contribute to strengthening Siemens’ competitiveness.  

We at Siemens Large Drives Applications (LDA) the Portfolio Operating Company (POC), produces heavy-duty electrical drive systems for medium and high voltage ranges: electrical motors and converters. Additionally, we offer special large drives for ships, mines and rolling mills. We have various challenging and critical project sites pertaining to integrated plant maintenance and operation centers, which caters to verticals like cements, mining, and steel.

This position is responsible to lead EHS function in Siemens Large Drives Applications (LDA) the Portfolio Operating Company (POC) will report to LDA Business Unit Head and functionally to the Country EHS Head.

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Areas of Responsibility

  • One of the key role holders as Chief Manager - EHS - LDA India, you’ll support the Business Unit Head in fulfilling her/his EHS responsibility, i.e. maintaining an effective Global EHS Management System for the Portfolio Operating Company (POC) with focus on global processes, defining product- and business-specific EHS related requirements and standards, and maintaining oversight of Operating Company "Headquarter-driven" projects.
  •  Our guiding ‘LDA EHS roadmap’ will be set and implemented by you based on country and business EHS strategy. This will require collaboration with Country EHS, management team, other support & services functions as well as all relevant interfaces to achieve the EHS policy objectives. Thereby, you’ll adapt, promote and implement EHS programs & initiatives and monitor their effectiveness for continuous improvements within LDA.
  • You’ll ensure that all applicable legal and Siemens internal requirements in the area of EHS are implemented and a certifiable EHS Management System is maintained and is effective. You’ll warrant EHS Management System implementation and drive continuous improvement for the LDA business unit. You’ll plan, implement and follows up the audit/ assessment/ inspection programs (including certification audits where applicable).
  • You’ll plan and align the budget & personnel resources for EHS in the LDA business unit, along with participation in the selection/ staffing of EHS positions. Also, ensuring an adequate competence management and training system for EHS-related competences. It is extremely important that the local legal requirements and the EHS Policy Framework have been fulfilled by all LDA project Sites and your guidance and in the planning, execution, ongoing analysis and improvement of EHS related measures will help a great deal for sustainable business growth.
  • You’ll ensure that applicable statutory requirements are identified and accorded to and contribute to analyzing stakeholder EHS requirements. Responsible for implementation of EHS related risk management in processes, projects, systems and products you’ll control complete EHS reporting at LDA business unit.
  • As expected of this very significant role holder, you’ll maintain and foster close interactions with respective LDA Global EHS Head, Country Business EHS Officers, Health Management Team and Country EHS Head, making sure adequate EHS related communication towards internal and external stakeholder and authorities is maintained by providing a forum for practice sharing amongst EHS practitioners across organizational units

Ready to travel 15 days / month to sites (post-pandemic).

Dimension of Function:

  • EHS related KPIs and targets as defined globally by LDA EHS Management, Country EHS roadmap and Management System.
Contacts (external/ internal):
  • Business Unit Head, Country EHS Head, Global LDA EHS Head, Business Segment Heads, Customers, Contractors, Country Business EHS Officers, Health Management Team, Employee representatives, Project site team, local authorities, industry bodies, other internal/ external contacts.

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  • You’ have at least 12 to 15 years of successful experience in related field and have successfully demonstrated the mentioned key responsibilities and knowledge. Must have experience working in Electrical EPCs and/or Integrated Plant Maintenance Services at least 12 years of site related experience from relevant businesses. And minimum 7 to 10 years of management experience (including leading teams, intercultural experience, project & business management experience).


  • You have a degree in engineering and/ or business management. Also, you have knowledge of ISO 14001, ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001 management system and implementing/ managing management system elements, and a proven track record of working with management systems.
  • Also, you’ve led the project according to the budget and results (orientation); applied relevant methods and tools of project management; continuously identified project status and challenged situations and defined appropriate measures to meet the project's objectives.
  • In similar roles, you’ve applied and verified implementation of ISO principles and requirements, enabled translation into processes, practices & action and supported others in the use of EHS/process guidelines, instructions, practices and processes.
  • You have deep knowledge about applicable requirements and regulations in a broad range of related topic areas. You use and combine tools, methods & KPIs, and understand their implication for business and advise the organization in meeting requirements timely and effectively.
  • You have initiated, maintained and made use of sustainable partnerships and widespread networks relevant for business success with internal as well as external partners, making sustainable decisions, solving problems and leveraging value potentials. You understand the processes behind the tool and can coach or train others.
  • You should be able to lead from the front demonstrating your Assertive and influencing skills.

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Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Limited

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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