Sr. Quality Officer

Job Description

1. Work with Quality Community for all quality related management topics in SI China. Setup and maintain SI China QM-networks and communities, and keep a high professional and motivated QM work force in SI China.
2.Collaborates with mgmt. team and all relevant interfaces worldwide to achieve quality goals
3.Develops, controls and ensures the implementation and improvement of an integrated mgmt. system(including process mgmt.) for the respective organization and defines the overall quality strategy according to market and biz needs.
4.Plans, implements and follows up the audit program(including certification and audits where applicable) and assessment
5.Initiates and promotes strategic, global quality programs and monitors the effectiveness of these programs. Drive continuous improvement with mgmt. and lessons learned across assigned organizations.
6.Assures regulations with respect to product safety and all requirements are met, coordinates product safety measures and monitoring. Organize the product safety reporting
7.Contributes to analyze customer quality requirements and satisfaction(e.g. NPS) appropriately in order to meet customer expectations.
8.Ensure that quality specific external communication towards customer and to external authorities
9.Ensure that internal and external regulations are identified in cooperation with country organization and processes are developed to meet these requirements.
10.Develops and controls implementation and improvement of relevant quality reporting in SI China including management review.
11.Develop and implements the communication strategy/plan to ensure understanding and awareness of specific quality topics.
12.SI Quality events and audit report, provides independent view to SI China management and follow-up strictly with relevant unit
13.Drive Siemens China Social Credit Systems Implementation with Business Excellence
14.Willing to extend the job scope out of Quality Management into Business Excellence, drive SI Business Excellence Programs
1. Above 8 years QM experience in an international environment
2. Above 3 years biz management & people management experience in an international environment
3. Strong interest and experience in Smart Infrastructure related business
4. Clear vision on the development trend
5. Open minded and growth mindset
6. Innovative/unlimited thinking
7. Experience in Quality Management consulting
8. Effective communication and strong interpersonal skills, with capacity to interact with all levels in the organization
9. Leadership skills
10. Previous experience with collaboration within international teams
11. Strong analytical skills with framework to process complicated issues.

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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