Intern of Quality Engineer 质量工程师实习生

Job Description

1) Handle NC material from production line , operate SAP system to trace/处理日常产线发生不合格品,并进行SAP系统录入跟踪。
2) Analyzes and contributes to quality in technical processes, in innovation, logistics and/or production, aligned with agreed quality guidelines/分析并支持工艺流程,创新过程,物流,和/或生产中的质量,保持与已认可质量方针一致
3) Analyze quality data to create statistic report by digital tool and trace improvement action/分析质量数据,利用数字化工具产生统计报告,并跟踪改善
4) Complete other tasks assigned by superior/完成领导交办的其它任务

1)Major in Mechanical or Electrical relative Engineering / Bachelor or above / 机械或电气工程专业,本科以上学历
2)Fluent English communication skill / 流畅的英语交流能力
3)Strong leadership and capacity of planning, organize and coach / 具有强力的计划,组织,指导的领导能力
4)With programming experience on VBA or auto control is preferred/优先考虑有VBA和自动化控制编程经验者

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Part-time

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