Business Intelligence 商业智能

Job Description

主要工作内容 Major job responsibilities:

• 协助推动内部数字化解决方案对现有业务应用平台的升级,并确保业务流程运转的可扩展性和高效性.   
       Approach digitized solution establishing and leveraging existing tools upgrade to ensure a highly scalable & high-performance business process. 

• 负责建立应用方案的测评标准,对当前应用技术的可行性研究和评估.
        Institute solution-testing criteria, and conduct analysis of alternative solutions and infrastructure elements

• 负责建立持续性的数据科学模型, 以应对业务流程管理的变化趋势.
       Define consistent data science models per process management future perspectives.

• 技术方案的文档说明,相关设计及管理.
        Document and present technical specifications, design, chances & risks, recommendations and measures.

• 高度保持新应用技术的跟进与评估.
        Stay updated about the latest developments in application technology and associated technologies.

• 与各个部门的团队沟通合作. 
        Work in team with other members and cooperate with other business teams.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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