Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

At Mentor Graphics – A Siemens Business, we are shaping the future of automotive embedded systems with our vision and team of innovative, dedicated, smart, hardware and software developers who passionate about creating extraordinary automotive solutions. Our solutions range from small footprint ECU software up through the most advanced applications in ADAS, Open/Close Loop Simulation, IVI, driver information and network solutions. We specialize in highly optimized and innovative in-vehicle solutions with a clear customer commitment and a strategy outlook.

Machine learning (ML) algorithms in general (not only deep learning algorithms (detection, segmentation, and fusion tasks)) are one of the primary challenges for self-driving vehicles. Correct environment modelling around the vehicle is important for safe Autonomous Vehicle operation. Not only timing, but also resource requirements and reliability play critical role. Hence, it’s not only the technology but also developing and architecting efficient and sustainable software also becomes a key challenge.

For our Automotive Business Unit we are seeking hands on Engineer who has mix of ML expertise, understanding of embedded and real time constraints with focus on low level accelerators (FPGA, GPUs). The ideal candidate should be able to dig deep not only in code but also have good understanding of various ML strategies. The candidate should have good mathematical and analytical skills to debug the performance challenges.

Primary Job responsibilities:

Analyze and benchmark state-of-the-art ML technologies for object detection tracking, and classification in the automotive domain in both industry and research.
Define reliable and performant ML based automotive object detection, tracking and classification methods for safety-critical driver assistance applications.
Coordinate and support the development and deployment of algorithm models and appropriate software components.
Coordinate and support test and verification activities.
Cooperate with distributed teams working on related software and hardware components.
Report to the algorithm development lead.
Job requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or Physics
Experience with various ML algorithms for various sensors including camera, LiDAR, and RADAR.
Well-founded knowledge of ML methods like neural networks and support vector machines.
Experience with ML libraries/frameworks like Keras/Tensorflow.
Research and development experience in robotics and vehicular sensors preferred.
Experience with feature extractors like SIFT, SURF, FAST Harris, HOG or Lalonde is highly valued
Experience with statistical tools like principal/ independent component analysis is highly valued
Basic understanding of Kalman Filters, Probability theory (Bayes, Markov) and noise models
Experience with algorithm benchmarking with open data sets such as KITTI is highly valued.
Experience with open-source robotics frameworks such as the Robot Operating System is valued
Basic skills in MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink
Experience with Python/C/C++ programming languages is must.
Advanced experience with OpenCV, OpenCL and CUDA is valued
Good technical background in Embedded System Development
Good teamwork, communication, and presentation skills
Fluent in English language.
Willingness and ability to travel

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Mentor Graphics (India) Private Limited

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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