数字化工业 项目型销售 厦门

Job Description

• Concluding area customer list; comprehending branch potentials; initiate and drive action plans; 总结地区客户名单;理解行业潜力;发起并推动行动计划。

• Establish and take good care of connection with business eco system including customers, End User, SI, DI. Need to be think about further, since this eco system normally is not limited to one area建立并妥善维护业务生态圈包括:客户、最终用户、系统集成商以及设计院。

• Identify main projects from End-user, DI and EPC, dig out related resource and effective utilization and develop growth strategy including required follow-up action plan. 识别最终用户、DI和EPC的项目机会,挖掘并有效利用相关资源并制定包括所需的后续行动计划在内的增长战略。

• Set up specified industry development strategy and planning in responsible area, developing responsible customer and increasing Siemens business market share.在负责区域建立指定行业发展战略和规划,发展所负责的客户,增加西门子业务市场份额。

• Explore and develop customer’s aim and need, know customer's business processes, value chain and key business drivers and develop new business opportunity for Siemens. 探索和发展客户的目标和需求,了解客户的业务流程、价值链和关键业务驱动因素,为西门子开拓新的商业机会。

Market related

• Improve market transparency about competitor, customers upstream and downstream, aiming at responsible customer and finding out more opportunity or potential chance from 提高竞争对手、上游和下游客户的市场透明度,以所负责的客户为目标,寻找更多机会或潜在机会。

• Initiate, motivate suitable activities and keep track of progress and implementation in order to build-up project pipeline and offer effective forecast quarterly.启动并促成相应的市场销售活动,跟踪进展和实施情况,以达到建立项目储备并提供有效的季度性预测。

Internal related

• Fulfill the individual sales target.实现个人的销售目标。

• Keep familiar with Siemens industry products, systems, solutions, service, and digitalization module as well as branch technology, promote and sell them to customer. 熟悉西门子工业产品、系统、解决方案、服务、行业知识以及数字化模块,推动并销售给客户。

• Manage project including implementation, risk control and after sales service.管理项目:项目实施、风险控制、售后服务等

• Follow Siemens compliance regulation and rule遵守西门子合规要求和规则

• Bachelor Degree with Automation, Electric etc. 本科以上学历,自动化,电气技术相关专业。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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