SSME ME PLM Software Developer within Computer Design

Job Description

Job scope:


Job description:

1. 负责医疗影像设备的计算机平台的整个设计过程包含配置,安装和诊断等,目标是实现测试和诊断的自动化


3. 负责计算机软件工具的开发包含方案设计,代码实现,设计验证以及相关编写相关文档等。

4. windows/linux系统下Python, C/C++软件的开发,并应用DHCP,tftp, Http等网络协议。

5. 计算机诊断工具链的开发如:硬件测试数据的采集,分析,解释,可视化和人机界面等。

Job requirement:

1. 3~5 年的软件开发经验 


3. 良好的复杂数据的统计分析和可视化再现

4. 良好的网络相关方面的知识,网络交换机(VLAN),路由防火墙,网络服务(DHCP,tftp,http等)

Within development of computer systems you work closely with other project team members providing supporting SW Tools and solutions.

Areas of Responsibilties:

1.  You will be responsible for developing procedures for configuring, installing, and diagnosing computer hardware as a component of medical systems. The goal is the automation/diagnosis of the components of a computer system.

2.  The goal of computer hardware diagnostics is to minimize and avoid hardware downtime through rapid fault localization and preventive measures even before a component fails in cooperation with the client

3.  You will be responsible for software development including definition and planning of modular work packages starting from design to implementation and verification including documentation

4.  The implementation in Python, C/C++ under Windows/Linux and the use of current network protocols, e.g. DHCP, tftp, http is also part of your tasks.

5.  You will ensure the further development of our hardware diagnostic toolchain (acquisition of test data through hardware tests, analysis, interpretation, visualization, user interface) with regard to customer benefit

Education and Experience

1.  3-5 years of experience in software development

2.  Excellent knowledge in object-oriented programming, software architecture is a plus

3.  Good knowledge in statistical analysis and visual representation of complex analysis results

4.  Good knowledge of network protocols, e.g. managed switches (VLAN), routing firewall, and network services (DHCP, tftp, http etc.)

5.  Experience in structured testing

6.  Knowledge of data processing / database oriented approach (SQL, Python-Django, statistics)

7.  Good knowledge of computer technology (e.g. embedded computers, industrial PCs, workstation/server, GP-GPU, bus systems, BIOS) is a plus

8.  Familiar with operating systems Windows and Linux

9.  Very good English communication skills

10.Successfully completed bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering or comparable.

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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