DX LD (Sr.)Account Specialist-(高级)客户专员-苏州

Job Description

  • Increase market share and explore new customer opportunity in target territory, focus on instrument selling and enlarge reagent volume. 提高所负责区域的市场份额并开发新客户机会,负责设备销售并扩大试剂销售量
  •  Maintain the relationship with the key accounts, coordinate relative resources to meet the customers needs. 与关键客户维护良好关系,根据客户需求协调相关资源
  •  Cooperate with distributors to accomplish GO to Market approach, to ensure distributors to fulfill the target. 与代理商合作完成市场销售行为,确保其完成业绩目标 -
  •  Actively coordinate with other functions(Customer Service, Application, Clinical, Marketing, etc.) about customer related activities. 积极协调其他部门的客户相关活动 - 
  • Refer customer feedback and information on competitor activity to appropriate contacts with the organization so company can respond to changing market conditions and customer needs timely. 提供客户反馈和竞争信息给相关部门,使公司能及时响应变化莫测的市场情况和客户需求。 - 
  • Possess detailed product knowledge, and learn and update product knowledge timely; 拥有详细的产品知识,并及时学习并更新产品知识;。 - 
  • Understand and behave in compliance with the company policies and guidelines 理解并遵守公司合规、政策和制度 - 
  • Provide information via CRM tools, and complete necessary reporting. 通过CRM工具提供信息并完成相关报表 - 
  • Other tasks assigned by managers. 上级安排的其他工作任务

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Healthineers Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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