西门子 数字化工业 电商合作伙伴管理(北京)

Job Description

Role Purpose:
• Siemens Digital Industry Division (DI) is an innovation and technology leader in industrial automation and digitalization.
• 西门子数字化工业集团(DI)是工业自动化、电气自动化、工业数字化、工业4.0和智能制造领域的创新引领者。
• DI DBO (Digital Business Office) is responsible for establishing, improvement and management of DI digital business in scope platform, to increase customer satisfaction and sales productivity.  DBO is also Siemens Official digital Mall operation and sales business owner and exploring to extend existing market reach, generate new business opportunities, understand market and customer better.
• DI数字化业务部(DBO, Digital business office)负责DI数字化业务平台的搭建, 优化和管理,进而提高销售运营效率以及客户满意度。DBO同时负责西门子官方电商的运营和销售业务,致力于对延伸现有的市场覆盖,产生新的业务机会,更好的理解我们的客户和市场的探索。
• Partner management works for DI DBO, and takes responsibility for the partner extend, relationship maintenance, partner management, dig out more business  opportunities to combine online and offline business and fulfills the e-commerce performance evaluation quota of DI DBO.
• 电商合作伙伴管理一职就职于数字化业务部的电商团队,负责电商合作伙伴的拓展、维护、管理等工作,并挖掘商机使线上与线上相结合,以完成部门电商业绩考核指标。

What are my responsibilities?
• According to the strategic of DI DBO, promote O2O business development and fulfil the quota of channel sales.
• 根据部门战略要求,积极推动线上与线下业务的融合,完成销售目标;
• Responsible for establishment of partner management system, including working standard, rules, evaluation system, motivation system.
• 负责合作伙伴管理体系的搭建,包括建立合作伙伴工作标准,规则,考核体系以及激励机制;
• Coordinate with partner for set up operation system, KPI, process, training system.
• 协助合作伙伴搭建运营体系,合作伙伴管理机制,流程制度,培训体系等;
• Responsible for keeping partner relationship, actively communicate with partner, continuously track cases, dig out customer demand to increase conversion rate, ensure partner good performance, and responsible for partners’ target.
• 负责现有合作伙伴关系的维系,积极与合作伙伴沟通,持续追踪,挖掘用户需求,努力提升转化率,确保合作伙伴能够有效产出,并对合作伙伴的业绩目标负责;
• Cross-department cooperation, extend more qualified partner.
• 跨部门协作,与各个业务部门沟通协调,拓展更多符合资质的合作伙伴。

What do I need to qualify for this job?
• Bachelor's degree or above and over 3 years working experience, Industrial products related channel customer management experience are preferred.
• 本科或以上学历, 3年以上工作经验,有工业品相关行业渠道客户管理经验者优先;
• Be responsible and collaborative with excellent communication skills and problem-solving, and be good at analyzing and dealing with complex situations.
• 具备责任心和协作精神,出色的沟通能力和解决问题的能力,对于复杂情况善于分析应变;
• Result-orientation, strong logic thinking, execution, anti-pressure ability, business travel is needed.
• 结果导向,具有较强逻辑思维能力和执行力,抗压能力,可接受出差;
• Good personality, open, lively, working with passion, with sense of Internet, love E-commerce business
• 性格外向,活泼,对工作有激情,热爱互联网事业
• Fluent in English and Mandarin.
• 流利的中英文表达。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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