CT Software Senior Configuration Management Engineer as DevOps Enabler 软件高级配置管理工程师

Job Description

As a member of global CT R&D in Siemens Healthineers, 
? Setup software configuration management technology and process, consisting evaluating the best technology to enable DevOps and defining standards of using the technology.

? Construct and optimize software configuration management infrastructure include HW/SW to reach the project effectively and ensure all processes are working as expected. (check-out/check-in, build, migrate, branch, etc.)

? Responsible for continuous building of the product release, working with a build technology, establishing a build process and the ability to improve the build process.

? Ensure continuous software integration, delivery on time and automate the process; Utilities development and frequency automated deployment to identify defects and improve with continuously monitoring.

? Responsible for release package that comprised of deliverables from the builds, items needed from databases, configuration instructions.

? Responsible for installation software package development include the release validation to ensure high-quality deployment on customer sites and production environment. 

? Source code and development process management, software version control system maintenance (TFS,  Git, etc.)

? Manage/troubleshoot the CM environment as CM tool administrator and maintain, upgrade the CM tool on the server(s) and clients, managing the licenses and establishing levels of automation.

? Training colleagues in DevOps field
Key qualifications: 
? Good written and verbal communication skills are a must to avoid any potential misunderstandings. 

? Knowledge and ability to use operating system(s) the CM technology runs on & wide IT knowledge is desired.(DB, TCP/IP, etc.)

? Scripting skills to automate major processes.

? Key user\admin experience with MS TFS, Git.

? Knowledge of compilers, continuous build technologies and experience in leading continuous integration and delivery.

? Systematic problem analysis, solving skills and awareness. Evaluate the env, gather needs, and propose a CM solution.

? Ability to prepare CM technology and process training for users and the ability to deliver the training effectively.

? Experience on object-oriented programming on Windows platform or cross OS platform is a plus.(/C#/.net/Angular)

? Experience on automatic test and performance test is a plus.

? Experience on deployment in cloud and container is a plus.

? Understand how a product works in production and its product deliverable’s structure.

? Strong sense of responsibility, integrity, proactive, quick learning ability, and good teamwork

? >3 years of working experience

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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