SHL (Sr.) Product Certification Engineer

Job Description

Mission/Position Headline:           

Contribution to the support of the business units by ensuring that their products will enjoy fast and unobstructed access to the market and, through his conscientious work, helps to achieve a technically competent test without errors and customer satisfaction while at the same time preventing additional costs.

Areas of Responsibilities:           

•            Individually planning and performing of measurements and documentation of evidences for electrical and mechanical safety and radiation protection at medical electrical products on basis of IEC requirements for market access.                           

•             Individually performing of measurements and investigations during the development phases for electrical and mechanical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.  

•             Working in accordance to the quality requirements of the ISO IEC 17025 and maintain test equipments.                                                                           

•             Knowledge sharing to lab team and coach new colleagues as a mentor              

•             Lab management software TL-Plus and testing environment maintain (Humidity, temperature, power quality, etc.)                                                                           

•             Training for internal customers regarding relevant IEC product standards.        

•             Professional advising and support of internal and external customers at the interpretation and realization of regulatory and normative requirements during the complete product life cycle.                                                                        

•             Standardization technical work like standard drafting, translation.             


•             - Bachelor degree or above with major in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering or related

•             - Above 3 years of experience in product testing, product development

•             - Highly skill in measurement technique (electric, mechanic, radiation),risk management and functional safety

•             - Excellent in programmable electronic medical systems and knowlege of electrical and mechanical product safety for medical products (Series of standards IEC 60601-x-y or IEC 60950 or IEC 61010 )

•             - Basic knowledge of NMPA registration testing and relevant standards. (Series of standards GB 9706.x or YY standards)

•             - Highly verbal and written communication skills in English as well as Chinese

•             - Able to work under pressure   

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Healthineers Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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