CI/CD Process & Architecture Sr Mgr

Job Description

  • Continually improves STS products in terms of quality and time to market by overseeing the creation and continual improvement of software development pipelines (aka CI/CD, DevOps, Build pipelines). Software development pipelines include the environment, processes and tools used to move products from developer workstation to delivered customer value.
  • Works closely with the CI/CD Production Senior Manager and is in close, frequent contact with Solution Domains & SC Horizontal Products staff to identify and drive significant improvements to software development pipelines operated by the Simcenter CI/CD Production team.
  • Has responsibility for the development of the CI/CD pipeline automation, development of custom tools, BI (business intelligence) systems relative to software production, and procurement of hardware and software required by software development pipelines. This ensures availability of the means to design and implement improvements to processes and tools, the ability to gauge areas in need of improvement as well as the effectiveness of change, and to understand the impact of architecture improvements on CI/CD capital spending.
  • One important focus area of the CI/CD Architecture & Process team is to develop and promote the adoption of common software development pipeline processes, tools and best practices (standardization & unification) across all STS products. This may later on extend to additional objectives such as a common issue tracking system, the use of common source code management systems, etc. Another important focus area is to optimally transition the software development pipelines for the Xcelerator Cloud Program (CloudOps).
  • Manages the organization and staffing of teams relevant to these responsibilities at a scale and geographic distribution to support STS operations globally. Key components of this are activities related to hiring, employee feedback, and employee growth.


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software NV

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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